Profile Basics

Your Agent profile details can be accessed by clicking the dropdown menu at the top right of your account and selecting 'My Profile'.

In your kvCORE Agent profile, you can edit basic profile information, such as your contact info, bio, profile image, and email signature. To make these changes, click on the blue 'Edit Profile' button to the right.

'My Profile' Fields

The following fields can be edited.

Basic Profile

Name: Your name as you'd like it to appear to your contacts.

Title: Your title as you'd like it to appear to your contacts.

Profile Image: The image you'd like displayed on your website. To learn more about uploading your profile image, click here.

Agent MLS ID: Add your Agent MLS ID in order to automatically sync your listings to your kvCORE website. Your Agent MLS ID can sometimes differ from the ID you use to sign in to your MLS. That's because kvCORE uses the specific Agent MLS IDs in the IDX feed to identify you. If you need assistance finding your Agent MLS ID please reach out to Support.

Agent NRDSID: Your NRDS ID is required for some SSO and API connections with kvCORE. If you use an SSO that requires an NRDS ID insert it into this field.

Ext. Vendor ID: If you need an external vendor ID it will be given to you by your brokerage. If you're you're unsure if you need an external vendor ID please reach out to your Broker for assistance.

Contact Info

Cell Phone: Your cell number. This is the number that will be connected to your Smart Number. To learn more about your Smart Number, click here. This number will not be visible to your contacts if the 'Show on Site' is not checked.

Work Phone: Your work number. This number will not be visible to your contacts if the 'Show on Site' is not checked.

Direct Line: Your direct line. This number will not be visible to your contacts if the 'Show on Site' is not checked.

Phone 'Show on Site' Checkbox: When checked, this replaces the shared Smart Number on your website with the selected number. Please Note: Only one number can be checked at a time.

Email: The email used to log into kvCORE. Please Note: If you change this email in your profile it will change the email you need to use to log in.

Email From (Vanity Email): This email will show on the emails that are sent from kvCORE. All of your campaigns and listings you send out will show as being 'from' this address.

Use "Email From" For Notifications Checkbox: If this box is checked, you will receive system communications (like New Lead emails) to the 'Email From' email address.

Website: Your actual website that is created when you're added to the kvCORE system. It does not auto-update if you purchase a Vanity Domain or change the subdomain - it will need to be manually updated.

Personal Website: This is ONLY if you are using the Foundation template. Please Note: Foundation is InsideRE's legacy template - there is no plan for updates (i.e. ADA Compliance).

Lender: You can select your preferred Lender from this section.

Lender 'Show on Agent Subdomain' Checkbox: With a preferred Lender chosen in your profile you can trigger the 'Finance' page to show on your site by checking the 'Show on Agent Subdomain' box. To learn more about the Finance page, click here.

Designations: You can use the Designations section to add any credentials you wish to display on the 'Agent Profile' tab on your website or on your Office/Team/Company Agent Roster.

Social Media & More

Social Media Links: You can add a link to your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram here. These will be displayed on your website for your contacts to click and find your social media pages.

License #: Here you can add your license number. This will be displayed on the 'Agent Profile' page of your website.

Position: Add your position which will be visible on the 'Agent Profile' page on your website and Agent Roster. Ex: Licensed Realtor, Broker, or Mortgage Advisor

Spoken Languages: Your spoken languages can be added here for your contacts and those viewing your Office/Team/Company Agent Roster page.

About Me & Signature

About Me: The section beneath your basic profile info is "About Me." This is the spot for your bio and it shows on the 'Agent Profile' page on your website. You can enter any plain text that you want, or you can use HTML.

Signature: Here you can set your personalized signature which can be automatically added to all emails you send from kvCORE.

Include Signature On All Outgoing Email Toggle: You should toggle this on so that all emails sent from kvCORE automatically include your signature. This includes Smart Campaign emails, Search Alert notifications, Seller Reports, and every other type of email.

When making any updates to your profile, remember to click 'Save' on the top right!

Profile Settings

Once you've gotten your basic profile setup, you can access more advanced settings by clicking on the 'Settings' button in your profile. These options allow you to set Lead Routing and Daily Call rules specific to you. 

Here, you can enable Lead Privacy, set yourself to 'away' in Vacation mode, adjust your Daily Call Creation settings, and mark 'off' days for specific Holidays. 

Lead Privacy: If your Company or Team has enabled lead privacy you can use this toggle to hide your contacts from Admins. To learn more about lead privacy, click here.

Lead Routing: Set your vacation days to stop leads from being routed to you while you're out of the office, or remove yourself from lead rotation. To learn more about lead rotation, click here.

Daily Call Creation: Daily 'calls to make' are displayed on your dashboard and in your mobile app dialer. These calls are triggered off of events that are set in Smart Campaigns, or from events that your contacts will trigger as they use your website (like if they saved a listing). To learn more about daily call creation, click here.

Locale: Select either the USA or Canada based on your locale.

Holidays: To make it easier to mark yourself 'Away' for holidays instead of using the Vacation toggle, select the Holidays on which you would not like to receive leads from your Company or Team.

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