In your agent portal you will be able to see your commission breakdown for each transaction closed in the system, your sales volume, your direct deposits (if your Broker is paying via direct deposit), your billing log (if your Broker does agent billing), you can update your information, and pull reports for your transactions.

Once you have created your password your dashboard page will have a summary in the center of your closed transaction this month, your transactions closing this month and your sales volume this month. 

Your left hand navigational menu will give you access to your transactions, reports, office documents, your account information, settings and help. 


Click on Transactions in your left hand navigation to expand the menu.

Click on 'View Transactions' 

This will display a list of all of your transactions in  process. They can be sorted by the following headings:

  • Address

  • Close Date

  • Type

  • Agent(s)

  • Sales Price

  • Lead Source

  • Completion Status


Adding Transactions

Click on 'Add Transaction' (if available.)

If you have been given access by your Broker to add your own transactions, you may do so using this menu option.

To learn how to add transactions, click here.

Trust Accounts/Deposits

 This is a tracking log for any deposits you may be holding on a transaction. If your Broker has not given you access to add deposits you will still be able to view the deposits. 

Commission Logs

From here you can see your commission log for each transaction, the transaction information and status, whether it has been paid yet or not. You can filter this report by status and date ranges.


  Reporting can be run on your transactions.

  • Lead Conversion - If you track your lead sources this report will show how much you spent on each lead source, how many transactions you closed, commission earned from each lead source, and your cost per acquisition.

  • Pipeline - This report shows all pending and closed transactions, and their current closing status. This gives you an overview of how many deals you've closed, and what your pending commission pipeline looks like for the future.This report can be filtered by close date, lead source, completion status, transaction type and transaction status.If you have not created a disbursement on a transaction, and the status is 0%, you can see your pending commission volume which is denoted by an asterisk. 

  • Agent Billing - This report breaks down your Broker's monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual billing items. You can also see one-time charges that are not associated with a transaction. You can filter this report by billing date/timeframe. This report will also show you the status (paid or unpaid) and any outstanding balances you may have. 

  • Additional Closing Fees - An itemized breakdown of all additional closing fees from your commission disbursements.Here you can filter by date and see the address, what the fee was for, the amount and date. 

  • Commission Detail - This report shows all closed deals, the gross and net commissions and all credits and debits and giving you insight into the total amount paid to the brokerage and total amount paid to you.This report can be filtered by close/pay date, transaction type and completion status.You can see all the transaction information and commission disbursement information, and download a copy of the disbursement.

  • Cap Plan - If you are on a cap commission plan you can see your cap amount, how much you have paid in towards your cap.

  • Agent Monthly Report - A month over month overview showing your sales totals breaking down your listings, selling, rentals and referrals.You can filter this report by close date, and your totals of each transaction type are listed at the bottom. 


Office Documents

These are any office documents that your Broker has added for you to have access to. 


My Account

Account Settings

Everything relating to your personal information and profile is located within account settings.


This section has any documents you completed during on-boarding or any documents that your Broker has uploaded to your portal. 

Billing Log

This has all billings that your Broker has billed your for, you can see the description of the item, the date it was billed, the amount, the status (paid or unpaid). If you click on the memo you can see additional information. 

Payment Log

This section is for any direct deposits you have received through the system.

Other Income

This is a log of any payments to you that are not associated with a transactions. You can filter this log by date range.


In this section you can set up your lead sources as tags, you can integrate with Dotloop (if applicable to your Brokerage) and set up vendors.


Tags are a simple way to group transactions together. You can 'tag' transactions with a source name, for example. That would then allow you to run a report on all the transactions that came from a source, like realtor dot com or zillow.


This would be used only if you need to sync your dotloop account to your BrokerSumo account.


You can use this section if you want to set up vendors that you may be paying out on a disbursement, for example a referral fee to an outside brokerage. 

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