How To Create A New Template

Create a new template by navigating to the settings menu, then clicking on 'Onboarding Templates.'

From the selection in the middle, choose 'Create New Template.'

  1. Enter a name for this onboarding template.

  2. Add any documents you would like new agents to sign using the 'Add Documents' button.Any previous documents that were uploaded will be selectable in the above list. Put a check in the box next to the documents you want added to the new template.If a document is selected, you will see the option to choose a countersign party appear below the 'Add Documents' button. A counter-signer is another party you would like to sign the documents in addition to your agents.

  3. Select any additional documentation you want to require new agents to upload.

After making your selections, click continue. This will open Docusign so that you can markup the documents you uploaded and/or selected.

In the Docusign markup screen, after you verify all of the fields have been marked you will need to click 'SAVE AND CLOSE.'

To learn about document markup, click here.
To learn how to add a new agent, click here.


How To Delete A Template

Navigate to the settings menu, and select 'Onboarding Templates.

From the menu in the middle, select a previously created template.

At the bottom, click on 'Delete.'

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