When you are creating an onboarding template,  you add documents to be digitally signed to it. Once those documents are added, and selected, and you proceed to the next step, a Docusign window will be opened so that you can 'mark up' the document with fields that can be filled out electronically.

Once the Docusign window opens up you can mark it up.

To mark the document simply drag and drop from the menu on the right to the correct place on the document.

If you have a counter signer configured that needs to sign the document as well, you can change to the counter signer section of the document by clicking in the top left drop down that has the agents email address, and selecting the counter signer.

After you have verified all the fields are accurate, click 'SAVE AND CLOSE.' If you do not click save and close your documents will not save.

You will be taken back to CORE Backoffice and you can complete the steps to send out your onboarding package.

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