There are two ways to add agents to your CORE Backoffice account. The first is to enter their information yourself.

Navigate to Agents > Add Agents and then select the I Will option.

You'll be prompted to enter their name, email address and assign them to a commission plan. Once you've entered that data, they are active in the system.

Add An Agent With An On-boarding Package

For this option you'll choose Agent Will from the options below. This allows you to create a package of information you want to collect from your agent. 

You will be prompted to choose either a current on-boarding template you have created or choose Create New Template.

Once the plan is selected, fill in the options on the following screen:

  • Choose a Countersign Party if desired, or required by the documents prepared in Docusign.

  • Select additional required uploads from the agent.At this time, these 5 items are set as a default and cannot be customized.

Click next and you'll be prompted to enter their name, email address and assign them to a commission plan.

When you save and close you will be taken to the customize email page to create a customized email to your agents welcoming them to the agency. 

Once you click send invite it will take you to review the on-boarding package page. This will show you what items and documents you are requesting the agent to complete. 

When you click Send Onboarding your agents will be emailed a link to sign into CORE Backoffice and complete the on-boarding package. 

When you send an agent an on-boarding package, they'll log into their CORE Backoffice Agent Portal account and the system will walk them through each step one-by-one to enter their required info. 

Once the on-boarding package is complete, the agent's information will be accessible within their profile in your brokerage account and it will be accessible to the agent in their Agent Portal account.

If an agent ever leaves your team you can simply change their status to Inactive which will retain their transaction history while also removing them from the amount of users you are being charged for.

If you're synced with kvCORE, deleting the agent from CORE BackOffice will inactivate their account in kvCORE. If you delete the agent from kvCORE, it will inactivate their account in CORE BackOffice.

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