There are 2 ways to import your leads into K+.

Option 1: Send your Leads to our Lead Configuration Team!

The best way to get your lead database into K+ is to submit your file to our Lead Configuration Team! Upon request, our team will prep your file and upload your leads (for free!) within 3 business days. 

Please make sure to read the instructions carefully! We rely on your form fill to upload your leads according to your preferences.

Option 2: Import Your Leads Yourself (Admins Only)

If you prefer to 'DIY' and are importing from the following sources, you can import your lead database through the Broker Dashboard by going to Leads > Import Leads.

  • Boomtown

  • MarketLeader (All Status)

  • IRE

  • TigerLeads

If you're importing from a separate source, please use the request form HERE.

What can be imported?
First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Price, Area, Type, Client Address, Notes, Hashtags

How should I format my information?
Your file can be a .csv file or .xls/.xlsx file.

How long does it take to import my leads if I send to the Lead Configuration Team?
All import requests are processed and completed within 3 business days. 

How can I engage my leads after import?
There are 2 ways to introduce your website to these older leads:

  1. Mass market using a 3rd party like MailChimp.

  2. Email your leads from your K+ dashboard every day in groups of 50 (one group a day). To control this you should divide your leads into manageable groups using hashtags.

These practices must be adhered to in order to maintain our email servers, YOUR email reputation, and to comply with anti-spam laws. For these reasons, imported contacts are not added to any Drip Campaigns or Listing Alerts. As you work with each lead, you're able to set up a Drip Campaign at that time.

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