CORE Back Office can sync Agents transactions, or 'loops', from Dotloop to view in one platform.

Dotloop Integration Setup:

To activate the integration, go to Settings > Integrations and click the Dotloop Integration button.

On the next page you'll have 2 options:

Company/Admin Account Sync

If you have a company/admin Dotloop account that holds all Agent loops, click the Company/Admin Account Sync button. This will allow you to sync your Dotloop admin account and pull all loops from that account.

You'll be asked to enter your Dotloop credentials to authenticate the connection between Dotloop and CORE Back Office. Once that is completed you'll be taken the the page to sync the loops.

Choose a close date to sync data from that date going forward, then click Sync Dotloop. 

Once completed you'll see a log of the data we synced. 

If we didn't sync a loop, you'll see Error messages explaining why.

Note: We only sync loops that meet our required field criteria, which you can find at the end of this article.

Note: The 'Check Status' button will only appear on the agent's side.

Agent Account Sync

If you don't have a company/admin Dotloop account, click Agent Account Sync.

Click the box 'Sync Dotloop Data' to activate the sync and select a close date for how far back in Dotloop you want to sync your loops. 

You'll see a list of all your Agents in CORE Back Office on this page. Each agent has to authenticate their Dotloop account in order for their loops to sync. Once an Agent has authenticated their Dotloop account, they will be shown as Active on this list.

You'll want to instruct your agents to log into their CORE Back Office Agent Portal, go to Settings > Integrations and click the Authenticate Dotloop Integration button. 

Now that your agent has authenticated their Dotloop account you can go back to your Dotloop integration page and click the Sync Agent Loops button to sync the loops.

For a successful Dotloop sync, please click the "Check Status" button immediately after the "Sync Dotloop" button. Then continue to click "Check Status" every so often until this completes, should only take a few minutes! Please do not refresh your page or leave the page as this is syncing. If you get to the Dotloop page and an old sync is still trying to run, please click "Cancel" to start fresh!

What data will be synced from Dotloop to CORE Back Office?

We will sync: 

  • Addresses 

  • Close Dates

  • Commission Info

  • Buyer 

  • Seller 

  • MLS Info - like sale price

  • Title Company

If your loop is missing some of this data in Dotloop, the loop will not sync. Once those fields have been added, the sync will complete successfully.  

While you are working through the deal in Dotloop, if you change info such as the close date, sales price, etc... the next time you sync your loops, that data will be updated in CORE Back Office. 

When you are ready to close your transaction, do one last sync. The data in CORE Back Office will be updated and ready for you to run a commission disbursement and get paid. 

Once a commission disbursement has been created and saved, the transaction will no longer be updated with new data from Dotloop. 

Required fields in Dotloop for a successful sync into CORE Back Office

For the Broker/Admin Sync Only:

  • In the People section of your loop you must assign the agent

  • For listings the role should be Listing Agent

  • For buyers the role should be Buyer Agent

  • For Listing for Lease the role should be Listing Agent

  • For Lease the role should be Tenant Agent

For Broker and Agent Sync:

Transaction type needs to be the following:

  • Purchase = Selling

  • Listing for Sale = Listing

  • Listing for Lease and Lease = Rental

It will not sync over transaction type Other or Real Estate Other.

Street Number, Street Name, City, State, Zip:

Sale Price, Sale Commission Split % - Buy Side and Sale Commission Split % - Sell Side, or Sale Commission Split $ - Buy Side and Sale Commission Split $ - Sell Side. You don't need both the % and $ commission sections completed, just one of them.

Close Date:

For Lease deals you'll need the address fields and:

Rent and Rent Commission Amount:

and Occupancy Date:

Once you've synced a loop to CORE Back Office, you'll see a button at the bottom of the transactions page in CORE Back Office that says Dotloop Update.

Click that and we will pull in the latest info from Dotloop. This button will no longer appear once a commission disbursement has been created.

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