CORE BackOffice offers brokerages the ability to sync their SkySlope transactions into their account.

To activate the integration go to Settings > Integrations and click the Edit SkySlope Setup button.

On the next page, click the Change Password button to enter your SkySlope credentials to activate the sync.

Once you've entered your credentials you'll be taken back to the sync page. 

Next, select a close date for how far back in SkySlope you want to sync your transactions. The sync can pull in data no further than 3 months ago and if you wish to sync your older transactions you will need to manually close them out in CORE BackOffice post-sync.

Then, click the Sync SkySlope button and your transactions will begin syncing. 

What data will be synced from SkySlope to BrokerSumo?

The following data will be synced:

  • Address
  • Close Date
  • Commission Info
  • Buyer
  • Seller 
  • MLS Info

If your transaction is missing the sales price, commission info or close date, then it won't sync that transaction until those fields are completed. 

If you change info while you are working through the deal in SkySlope, that data will be updated in CORE Back Office the next time data syncs. 

When you are ready to close your transaction, do one last sync, and then the data in CORE Back Office will be updated and ready for you to run a commission disbursement and get paid. 

Once a commission disbursement has been created and saved, the transaction will no longer be updated with new data from SkySlope. 

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