Use The Override Toggle

To enable this option, turn on the permission labeled 'Allow override of commission plan in a transaction?'. 

Next, navigate to the transaction you want to override and scroll to the bottom where the agents are assigned. There you'll see an Override Commission Plan option, check the box.

Next, enter the percentage you want to use for this agent's split.

Save the transaction and when you create the disbursement the override commission amount will be used for the agent's split.

Create An Override Plan

Alternatively, you can create a flat fee commission plan for the split amount you want to use for this deal. To create one, navigate to Settings > Commission Plans.

Click 'Add Plan.'

  • Name the plan.

  • Choose 'Flat Fee'

  • Set percentage as a decimal number.Example: $6,550 on a $10,000 commission would mean entering '65.5' into the 'Agent's Percentage' box.

Save the plan after you've entered the percentage.

Now, navigate to the transaction that you need to override the split on. Then, go to the bottom of the transaction info page.

Select the drop down for the commission plan for this agent, and select the new plan created to override the split on the transaction. Then click Save, and Re-create the disbursement.

You can use this override commission anytime you need to do this by just changing the agent % for that specific transaction, saving the plan, then editing the transaction and selecting the override commission plan for that deal. 

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