Step 1 - Setup Referral Transaction

This is tracked using transactions. Begin by adding a transaction.

To configure it, start by selecting 'Referral' as the transaction type, and continue to fill out the fields in the 'Transaction Info' section.

Next, fill out the property information section. Buyer, Seller, Co-Broke Company, Co-Broke Agent and MLS are all optional. 

Click 'Save Changes' to continue.

After clicking save, you will be taken to the title/attorney page, this page is optional.
Click 'Submit Transaction' on this title/attorney page and your transaction is saved in the system.

Step 2 - Run Disbursement 

Now that we have the details of the transaction ironed out, we can create the document needed to collect funds, and manually track the progress of the referral transaction.

Begin by clicking 'Commission Disbursement' at the top.

This will present all of the information and totals that can be used to generate a PDF file/invoice. So long as the information you entered is correct, you shouldn't see any incorrect totals.

Primarily for our incoming referral, we're most interested in our commission to be collected, which will show at the top under 'Brokerage Gross Commission.'

After reviewing the details, when you get to the bottom of the list, click on 'Create Disbursement.'

In order to build the disbursement PDF, or to send it, review the data points to be included. If we are invoicing the other brokerage, then you'll only want to include the 'Brokerage Gross Commission' and 'Total Due to Brokerage.' Un-check the irrelevant fields.

Click on the generate button at the bottom of the page to generate the PDF.

You can print or download your PDF using the controls in the top right corner. When you are done, close the PDF using the 'X' button.

Return to the 'Transaction Info' tab and you'll see that there is some progress being made on your referral.

As you complete each milestone check off the boxes in the task checklist. For more information on each item, mouse over the '?' icon. As these tasks are completed the progress bar will fill in, allowing you to check the status of the referral.

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