Transaction Details

Begin by navigating to the transactions menu on the left, and select '+ Add Transaction.'

On the 'Add Transaction' page, we'll need to fill out both the "Transaction Info' and 'Property Info' sections.

  • Some fields such as 'Property Type' and 'Lender Type' are selectable 'tags' that are added by administrators into settings.If you cannot select any values from the drop down menus, it means no tags are setup. Notify your administrator to determine if they are necessary.

  • Optional fields are marked (Optional).

When both Transaction Info and Property Info sections are completed, click 'Save Changes' to continue.

You will be taken to the Title/Attorney page. The fields on this page page are optional, but should be filled in if they are applicable to the transaction.

When you are finished with the fields on this page, click 'Submit Transaction' at the bottom right to continue.

After clicking, the transaction is saved, and will be displayed.

Create Disbursement

The disbursement does all of the math for each involved party you entered into the transaction. Once the disbursement is created, it can be emailed for approval to the Broker/Administrator.

 To begin, click 'Commission Disbursement' at the top of the page.

On the disbursement page, you'll need to review all of the information, it will match the information you entered. If something is incorrect, go back and change it.

All of the fees and splits will be calculated and displayed. Additional options to add other fees and/or notes/comments will be present.

Once you get to the end of the line items, click 'Create Disbursement' at the bottom right.

This finalizes the fees and totals, and adds some progress to the transaction indicating to everyone that can see it that the disbursement has been created.

As such, you'll need to email the disbursement to be approved by the broker/administrator. Scroll up and click on 'Transaction Info' at the top left.

And you'll be able to see the progress has been updated. Click on the email icon to the right of the 'Disbursement Created' step.

Choose who you want the approval requested emailed to.

Then click email and the request for approval will be sent.

You can check the status in the view transaction page. 50% means the broker has approved the disbursement.

You can always check when a transaction was created by going to the Activity Log tab.

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