Note: First, you must build your disbursement PDF using your desired line items. Click here to learn how.

Note: If you plan on emailing the PDF to the Attorney on the transaction, make sure the title/attorney information is filled out on that page.


To email the final PDF click on 'Email Disbursement' button at the bottom of the commission disbursement page.

This will bring up a pop-up for you to compose an email and to select who you want the disbursement PDF emailed to. You can select the title/attorney, escrow company, an agent, or a custom email address can be entered in.

If you want to preview the PDF before it's sent, click on the 'Generate Disbursement PDF' button to the left of the email button.

Note: There is no way to permanently set a CC'd email address on disbursement emails; you will need to select the desired email address from your list of contacts mentioned above or manually enter it.

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