To begin creating custom task lists, go to Settings > Transaction Checklist and click Add New List.

You can assign a task list to an office as well as to a transaction type.

Enter the task list details and then click Add Item to begin creating the list of tasks.


If the item you are adding relates to a document you want uploaded into Core BackOffice, then check the Document checkbox. This will only allow this item to be checked off the list when you are uploading a document.


Add Task Lists To Transactions

You can add a task list to a new transaction or to an existing transaction.

You'll notice that the two items grayed out are document items. Once added to a transaction, you'll see the list and a progress bar showing you the completion status. You'll also see a completion bar on the main view transaction page, under the default Core BackOffice task list.

You can give your agent's access to complete task lists by going to Settings > Permissions and turn on that agent permission.

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