To send Agent commissions payments via check, follow the steps below.

Select 'Send Agent Commission via Checks'. This will give you the option to print checks from QuickBooks.

Click 'Use this Template'.

Verify you are logged into the correct QuickBooks account.

Click Save. You will be directed to the configuration page. On this page:

  • Bypass the 'Sync all item on first run' option

  • Checking Account: Select the checking account the payment is going to be made from. 

  • Payment date: Select one of the following. (1) QuickBooks default will default the date in QuickBooks to the day you are syncing the information. (2) Close date in CORE Back Office will create the bill date off of the close date in CORE Back Office in the transaction.

  • Expense Account: Select the expense account in QuickBooks the Agents commission will be tracked under.

Click Apply and click Apply again on the next page.

Click Run and your workflow is now activated!

To sync to QuickBooks after the transaction is closed, click on the Sync to Quickbooks button. This will sync all your disbursement information to QuickBooks. 

Below is the commission disbursement final breakdown from CORE Back Office for the Agents on the transaction.

You can search your recently synced items by clicking on the search icon. You will see your commission breakdown from the disbursement. 

The example below has 2 Agents being paid on the transaction.

Below is what your agent commission will look like in QuickBooks. You have the Agent record you selected and any deductions taken on their payment and the net amount at the bottom.

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