The Commission Detail Report shows Admins all closed deals, gross and net commissions, and all credits and debits per Agent. 

A breakdown of the following can be viewed:

  • Commission Plan

  • Sales Price

  • Brokerage Gross Commission

  • Pre-Commission Credit/Debit

  • Gross Commission Used For Agent Split

  • Brokerage Commission After Agent Split

  • Agent Gross Commission

  • Additional Closing Fees

  • Net Brokerage Commission

  • Post Commission Credit/Debit

  • Net Agent Commission

  • Pay Date

If you prefer your Agents also have access to this report, you can enable it by going to Settings > Agent Permissions.

Agents viewing the Commission Detail Report can view their total amount paid to the brokerage or towards their cap. 

You can filter this report by: 

  • Date Range

  • Transactions

  • Completion Status

  • Agent

  • Office

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