Occasionally, you may find that a tool or feature does not function quite the way you envisioned it would or you may have created a workflow for using certain tools that you believe would benefit from some type of automation instead of the manual process you currently have.

Any time you have an idea to improve the Inside Real Estate product you are using, whether it's platform-wide or tool-specific, you can easily submit that as a Feature Request to the Support team via the blue chat bubble to the bottom right or by emailing the appropriate Support address below.

  1. kvCORE - kvcore@insiderealestate.com

  2. K+Team - support@insiderealestate.com

  3. CORE ListingMachine & CORE Social - cpsupport@insiderealestate.com

  4. CORE BackOffice - brokersumo@insiderealestate.com

When submitting a Feature Request to Support try to be as concise and detailed as you can. Describe exactly what you are trying to do and what is stopping you from accomplishing that.

The goal for each platform is to have them fit seamlessly into your day to day business practices, so if you are being hindered in any way from doing your daily tasks describe that flow to Support. Feel free to include a screenshot of the issue and/or record a short video showing your desired process and the issue(s) you run into.

All of the platforms above and their native tools are consistently reviewed for ease of use and Inside Real Estate takes your feedback into consideration when deciding which improvements need to be made each quarter.

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