A big part of what makes kvCORE tick is the Marketing Autopilot.

And, the biggest feature of the Marketing Autopilot are your Smart Campaigns.

There are other components, to be sure. However, to get started in the right direction, you should set some default campaigns for yourself, and then refine, add to, and customize them later.

This setup step basically makes sure than when you generate New Leads, they get some kind of automatic communication that is not based off of their activity.

If you are an administrator, any campaigns you add now at the office or team level are added for your entire office or team. All each Agent will need to do is find the campaign in their personal library and enable it. 

Step 1:  Access kvCORE Campaign Library

Click on Marketing Autopilot on the left of your Dashboard.

Then, click on 'Start A Campaign.'

Find the kvCORE Library section, and click the small expansion arrow at the far right of the row.

Step 2: Find + Add your Campaigns.

Within the kvCORE Library is a complete selection of pre-built campaigns. Any of them are good.

To get started, we are going to simply copy the ones we want out of here into our personal library.

Use the 'Add To My Library' button to the right of the ones you want to start out with.

We recommend starting out with the following:

  • Default New Lead - Buyer
  • Default New Lead - SellerDefault New Lead - Open House
  • Default Prospect - Homeowner
  • Default Prospect - Renter

After you've added a few campaigns, just be sure to enable them using the switch in your personal library. (Just scroll down to the next section that says 'My Library.')

In the rightmost column of each listed campaign, flip the switch to enable it!

Do you want to learn more about campaigns? Set aside some quality time, and click here .

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