The 'Header,' 'Body,' & 'Footer' all reference specific parts of the HTML that make up your kvCORE website. These fields are intended for you to be able to add scripts for tracking and other back-end functionality to your kvCORE website.

  • Using them for other reasons
  • Entering the wrong information 
  • Entering broken markup

Could break your kvCORE website. It's best, if using any of these fields to save one at a time. If you change too many fields at once and something happens that changes your website in an undesirable way, you might have to delete everything and start over again to find the problem.

Custom Header

The custom header content will be added to the <head></head> tags of your kvCORE website. (Technically speaking, the content will be inserted just before the closing  tag.)

The head section of your website code is never displayed on the webpage itself, but the content in that section is used to provide resources that the browser needs to correctly load the page. This include style or display information, tracking scripts, and metadata used to display previews and provide search engines with summaries of your content.

If you were to insert something like an image or a paragraph, it would never actually be displayed on the page, or used by anything after the page is loaded.

As such, this section of the website that is available for you to insert content into is typically used for verification pixels and scripts. It's also used for more complex scripts that provide functionality to something that you might put elsewhere into a custom page or into other editable content that is displayed to website visitors.

Custom Body

The custom body content will be inserted just after the <body> tag on your kvCORE website.

The <body></body> tags of your website contain the content that your website visitors will actually see. Some scripting elements require that they load first on the page before anything else, but after the content contained in the <head></head> of the page. The most common of these is the Google Tag Manager script. Even though the script is in the body, it is never actually displayed on the page itself, but it is the first thing to load.

Custom Footer
The custom footer content will be inserted into a specific place at the bottom of your website, known as the "footer."

The footer is actually divided up into several different sections:

These sections all serve different purposes. For example, the MLS disclaimer MUST appear at the bottom of the site. As does the usage policy and privacy policy, etc.

The place where your content will appear is on the upper left side, just below your social media buttons:

Many things can appear in this section. Your 'About Me' content from your agent profile, office address(es) and more. Like the other sections provided in these content settings, it is intended for scripts. However as you can see by the screenshot above, it will render any HTML you enter.

Some scripts require that you insert the content into the footer of your site, or just before the closing </body> tag. The only kind of script where that would be strictly necessary is with a custom chat widget, which has it's own box in Web & IDX settings. So, if you are installing a chat widget, use that setting, do not use this custom footer option. 

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