The visitors to your kvCORE website can access a few features for a positive experience on your kvCORE website.

These features are in addition to the search functions on your website. Wherever they can click on your site to view homes, or search for homes is fairly straightforward. The different buttons have other purposes that connect you to them more easily, and even better for them when you reply to the notifications kvCORE then sends you when they do these things.

Website Features:

  • Areas We Cover (Area Pages)
  • Seller Valuations
  • Free Market Report
  • Blogs, Testimonials, Recruitment, Special Listings/My Listings
  • Resources & Custom Menu Items

Logged In Features

These features are shown after a visitor to your kvCORE website has 'registered' or 'logged in.' Typically, when someone attempts to view information on your site regarding a listing, your website will prompt them to enter or connect their contact information.

This is one of the most important functions of your website, and probably the most necessary feature of your website, as it's the only way that you can grow your sphere or lead database through marketing.

Typically, when your contacts click on the links you might send them, they will be automatically logged in. 

More Information
Sending Listings To Contacts

Saved Listings

As your registered users (a.k.a. contacts) view properties on your site, they'll see the option to 'save' or 'favorite' them. 

Whenever this happens you get notified in kvCORE and the event is recorded in activity as well as in their lead timeline.

They can access their saved properties and keep notes on them at the top of your kvCORE website, by clicking on 'Saved Properties.'

Saved Searches

A saved search references the Search Alerts feature. This is a tool that will automatically email properties to your contact that they are interested in. It's another extremely important part of the incubation process of your sphere, to convert leads and acquaintances into clients.

Since your contacts will be getting emailed automatically, you might let them know or show them that they can change their saved search settings by clicking on their name in the top left corner of your website.

There is a very simple control panel that has a few functions:

  • Delete buttons to remove searches.
  • Details of the search.Click on a search name to edit the search. They must have fewer than 2 searches listed to save search criteria, even if they click on one of two existing searches.Email frequency is how often they will get emailed their search alert from you.
  • 'Stop Listing Alerts' - This will unsubscribe them from search alerts, but they will still get other emails from you automatically.
  • 'Totally Unsubscribe' - This will unsubscribe them from ALL automated communication sent on your behalf.
  • Log Out - This will sign them out of your kvCORE website.

If they click on a search name, they will be taken to the search page that has their criteria entered. They can edit the criteria on the page, and then click 'Save Search.' 

Alerts Shortcut

At the top left of your kvCORE site, your contact can view their current search that they are subscribed to via the Search Alerts feature, by clicking on 'Alerts Result.'

This will simply load their criteria into a search page, with the properties sorted by 'Days On Website.' (Showing the most recent listings first.) This will match the properties sent to their email recently, provided those properties are still active in the MLS.

Areas We Cover (Area Pages)

Areas We Cover is a section near the bottom of the homepage of your website.

Each area page will display information amalgamated from the MLS, and also includes information that you can write yourself. This feature is located in website settings.

It's a great resource that you can leverage to add area-specific information/resources to for your website visitors and contacts.

Seller Features

Sellers and potential sellers will find the tools they need on your kvCORE website to get the conversation started on the selling process.

How do they get to the sell page? Either they click on it, or you direct them to it.

For your existing buyers, you should always prompt that if they own a home they should check the valuation, usually as part of your smart campaign.

For your advertisements, you're linking directly to the sell page via landing pages.

We recommend to always go for buyer leads, and then prospect them to find which are homeowners.

However, creative landing pages can be pretty successful when advertised as well. How we approach it in terms of getting them to engage with you would be to offer an automated valuation. This valuation is a critical capture device that you will follow up on. Of course, because it's automated, you'll want to open with asking them if they thought the value the site gave was higher or lower than they thought. In either case, the answer lies in the data that the site can access. Usually it's MLS data, and on that information alone it's impossible to gauge the true value. This should help you steer them away from other estimates from websites. What they really need, is a professional to help them. For more information on these seller tools on your website, click here.

Free Market Report

The Free Market Report can be added manually by you, or your contacts can subscribe to them via your website. For your contacts to sign up for it themselves, they have to access a search page. In the search criteria section the link to sign up for a report will be visible.

Blogs, Testimonials, Recruitment, Special Listings/My Listings

Blogs, testimonials, recruitment, special listings, and my listings are accessible from the 'My Agent' or 'Agents' menu in the main navigation of your kvCORE website.

Resources & Custom Menu Items

The resources menu is where you can store a lot of custom-built pages that you create. You can create these resources for just about any purpose that you want to service on your kvCORE website. If you want to host important information for special programs or offers and incentives you are running, you definitely can! Our main piece of advice here is to double check with us that what you are putting in a custom page does not already exist as a feature in kvCORE, since using the built-in feature will be much easier to integrate.

Additionally, instead of forcing people to navigate through the resources page, you can pin your custom pages or create your own menus yourself adjacent to the resources menu, by creating your own custom navigation options.

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