The main navigation consists of the links at the top center of your kvCORE website. There is some degree of customization as far as the words used, or if certain items show or not.

Use Parent:
You will encounter the button labeled 'Use Parent' throughout your website settings. This button takes the value of the setting from the entity above the one you are editing. The hierarchy is as follows:

Company > Office > Team > Agent

For example, if I am a team admin, and I am wanting my team website to use some of the same settings as my office's website, I'll click 'Use Parent' to take the value from the office website for those particular settings. This is mainly useful if you modified your website settings and want to return them to what they were before.

An Office website has no parent, so the 'use parent' button in that case will reset the setting to the default kvCORE value.

For more information about how website settings trickle down from parent sites, click here.

Website Settings

To access your website settings, begin by clicking on Web & IDX in the left hand navigation of kvCORE.

If you are an admin, or if you have more than one kvCORE website that you manage, be sure that you select the website you want to edit before proceeding:

At roughly the top center of the page, you will see the edit website button, click on that to open the settings for your selected website.

Next, to access your navigation settings, click on 'Custom Navigation' on the left.

Changing Menu Labels

The most basic way to customize your navigation is to change the text of the labels. This doesn't change or add what pages the labels link to, it just changes the text.

In your website navigation settings, the very first group of options are labels.

These labels are the ones that show across the top of your kvCORE website.

By default, the labels are named as the setting. So, the default value of 'Search Label' is Search.

Agent Roster ⧉
Agent Profile ⧉

Using the box to the right, you can change the text to something else, and then click save.

After clicking save, I can refresh my website to show the new label.

This setting does not change where the labels point to when clicked. It only changes the text of the label.

Hiding Menu Labels

 In your website navigation settings, you'll see the 'hide' toggle switches at the bottom of the custom navigation section.

  • Resources Tab - The resources menu holds a few pages in it:

Contact Page - Shows contact form and numbers ⧉
Sold Listings
- Manually entered sold listings in blog format ⧉
Custom Pages Directory
- Custom pages ⧉

Choosing to hide these items (toggle to 'Yes') and then clicking the save button will remove them from your main navigation. This might be used to create more space in your main navigation for custom pages.

In your website navigation settings, you'll see the 'Hiring Link' setting following the label settings.

If you don't wish to use the built-in recruiting page you can change the link in this field.

To change the link to an external website page, paste the entire https:// link into the field.

To change the link to a custom page you created in kvCORE, first navigate to the custom page. Then, copy the url after your root domain, and paste that into the field:

When pasted including the slash, it will look like this:

Custom Menu Items

  • Select Custom Pages For Navigation - Choose from your Custom Page Titles the ones that you want to display in your main navigation. You can display a maximum of 4 individual pages. 
  • Select Categories For Navigation - Choose from your categories that your pages are filed under, which ones you want to display in your main navigation. Categories act as 'menus' and will show all pages in that category when you mouse over it. You can display a maximum of 2 categories in your main navigation.  

(Category example, shown next to the resources tab. The category in this example was named 'menu.')

You can have a maximum of 4 custom items. For example, 3 pages and 1 menu. Or 2 pages and 2 menus.

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