You must be an Admin to create custom widgets.

If you're familiar with HTML then you'll be able to breeze through this guide.

If you're not familiar with HTML, you will still be able to use the widgets pretty easily, without needing any HTML knowledge. There is a big 'CLEAR WEBSITE CONTENT' button if you mess up your site.

However, if you are an admin, and wanting to create custom widgets you'll definitely need to get familiar with the website editor and with HTML.

These two guides will get you started in the right direction.

Website Homepage Editor
Advanced Website Editor Customization/DIY

Note: These tools within kvCORE website Customization and Widget building are not compatible with Java or Javascript.

What are widgets? 

What we are referring to specifically, is shown in the website homepage editor. 



The highlighted region above is what shows up by default on your kvCORE website. That section is where you can add pre-made widgets, or append multiple widgets to add them to your page.


A widget is a chunk or a snippet of HTML that can be pretty much anything. When it comes to customizing your site, your Admins/Broker can get widgets designed and built, and then you can inject them onto your homepage of your personal site if you wish or if you are required to. This makes it very easy to get custom content added without much work.


The design of the widget is entirely open. The advanced website customization article that we have published walks through customizing the editable region of the website in detail. You could follow that guide to create a widget if you wanted to. Basically, anything that is entered into the editable region can be all or part of a widget. 


In the screenshot above, you can see a collection of boxes with image backgrounds. If you changed the text and the images and links to be your own design, you could save all that HTML as a widget for future use. 


How to use the Default Widgets

This is the 'easy mode' for this feature. If you kinda already know what you want to add, chances are we have a 'Default' version of it that you can plug into your site right away.

Default widgets are basically tiles that can be added to your homepage which have call to actions that take users quickly to different parts of your site.


The "Meet The Team" widget is limited to displaying 12 agents at a time.

To Access Widgets

1. Click on Web & IDX

2. Click on the 'Widgets' tab.

  1. Widgets that you can add to your site appear in this section. They may be default widgets that were generated by you, or they could be custom widgets created by an Admin.
  2. This is the big reset button. If disaster has befallen your homepage, press it, and you shall be saved.
  3. These are a collection of default widgets that you might want to use. Once added to your personal collection (section 1, shown above) you may edit them.

How To Add A Widget To Your Site

Scroll down to the default widgets section and click the Add button.

It will then appear above.

  1. Add the widget right now to your homepage.
  2. Edit the content/HTML of the widget.
  3. Delete the widget from the 'My Widgets' section. You can always re-add it.

Note: Widgets can only be customized by admins, this means if you are an agent you will not be able to edit the widgets, see screenshot for reference -

When clicking 'Add,' you will be prompted on where exactly you want the widget placed in your custom homepage section.

  • Clicking Append will insert the widget below the current website content on your kvCORE website. 
  • Clicking Replace will clear out any current custom content, and insert the selected widget.

Try experimenting with the different widgets. Appending and replacing you'll see how simple it really is. Remember you can always hit 'clear website content.'

Note: The 'Default Property Type Widget' is literally the default that you see when you load your homepage, with the different property type tiles on it. In fact, clicking 'Add' and then 'Replace' with the default property type widget is the same function as pressing the 'Clear Website Content' button.


How to create a custom widget

You must be an Admin to create custom widgets. Additionally, you must have your company or office site selected to be able to create a new widget.


1. Click Web &  IDX


2. Click the Widgets Tab at the top



3. Click on the 'Create Widget' button. Make sure you have an office or company site selected.



4. Fill out the form.

  • The description should be accurate so that your Agents can understand what widget they will use.
  • The HTML content section is literally HTML that is inline to the page. It can consist of any valid HTML. You don't need to specify <html>, <head>, or <body> tags as this content is in-line to the website.


5. That's it! The widget appears below with add/edit buttons to manage them. You cannot preview the content, just the title and description.



Resetting All Customizations

Clicking the 'Clear Website Content' button will wipe out all customization and reset the page to its default state for the domain selected in the scope menu.


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