Testimonial Tree is a third party service that manages your online reputation through reviews, surveys,  and testimonial marketing. They then deliver the metrics of those efforts to their customers so as to help them grow their business. The customer reviews that are collected by testimonial tree can be fed automatically to your kvCORE website.

How To Add Testimonial Tree To kvCORE

Before getting started:

  • You must have a Testimonial Tree account.

  • Although individual Agents may certainly connect their own accounts, if the company is using Testimonial Tree then the Company Admin should setup Testimonial Tree.

  • Your email in Testimonial Tree must match your email in kvCORE. If you are an admin, ensure that the people you've entered into Testimonial Tree have the correct corresponding emails in their profiles. 

Begin by navigating to the kvCORE Marketplace.

Find the Testimonial Tree tile and click the 'Get This' link.

On the following pop up, click the green 'Add To kvCORE' button.

This will prompt you to enter your Testimonial Tree login info. Enter that, and your account will be synced. kvCORE will look for any testimonials to add that match users in your kvCORE company. The sync occurs each day at 3 am. So, as testimonials are added or found during the day, you will need to wait for the next day to see them published to kvCORE sites.

Managing Testimonials

Testimonials are managed in kvCORE Web & IDX settings. For more information on how testimonials are added or deleted, you can click here.

  • Testimonials that are fed over from Testimonial Tree may be deleted from the control panel in Web & IDX settings, and they will be removed from corresponding agent's websites. 

  • If you delete a testimonial, kvCORE will detect that it has been deleted and it will not be re-published when the next sync happens. To un-delete a synced testimonial, you must contact our support team.

  • If a company admin integrates their Testimonial Tree account (as is recommended), it overrides any sub-accounts that may have added Testimonial Tree to kvCORE. This includes agents, office, and team admins.

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