The way your kvCORE website title looks when you share it on Facebook or on other media platforms can be controlled within your website settings.

Website Title

The website title is always shown on the website tab after the page has loaded.

Automatically a generic website title will populate using some basic information such as your Company name and location.

This website title can be updated by first hovering over the Web & IDX tab from the main navigation on the left. Then choose 'Website Settings'.

Then scroll down to the 'Website Title'. Update as you please and click 'Save'.

After refreshing your website your new website title will be visible from the website tab and will show on your future social media posts.

Website Description or Tag Line

After the website title, we have the 'Meta Description' which is kind of like a subtitle. It's a very short description of what your page or site is all about. The system generates a default meta description that uses the format:

Real Estate & Homes For Sale | [Company/Team Name]

The default can be updated to what you desire. From your website settings page, scroll to 'Homepage Meta Description' (beneath 'Website Title'), enter your custom description there, and save it.

This new meta description can be found as the tagline when sharing your link on Google or Facebook.

Agent Info for Tagline

The website title can be overridden in the website settings using the setting titled 'Use Agent Info For Tagline.'

When set to 'Yes', the tagline shows the agent's contact info instead on their agent website:

Troubleshooting Facebook

If you run across any issues when posting your kvCORE website, typically it's because Facebook has never before seen your website, so you may need to use to the Facebook Debugger tool and 'scrape' it. The first time you use this tool, you may need to click the link to fetch new information.

The tool can be found here.

If you make changes to your site and they are not being reflected on Facebook, use the tool and click the 'Scrape Again' button to force Facebook to refresh its cache.

For more information on using the Facebook debugger click here.

Have more questions? Please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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