Your kvCORE website has a 'Sell' page which provides a tool for potential sellers to request a valuation on their property. The information they enter is captured and filed into your kvCORE Smart CRM.


  • The Sell page on your kvCORE website can in fact be a very useful tool for vetting your existing contacts as potential sellers.

  • 'Good' Seller leads are very hard to capture. The wording of your advertisements or promotions greatly affects the audience that would use this page. You should take the time to consider your audience and how you might approach the issue. The easiest way to capture Sellers is to advertise or capture Buyer leads. Many Buyers are also Sellers. Incorporating your Sell page into a smart campaign for Buyers will help you find these prospects. "Find the value of your home instantly." And "If you could sell your home in 30 days or less would you?" are two entirely different approaches to the same goal. One will net you a lot of looky-loos and the other phrase is specifically targeted to homeowners (not renters!)

  • The language or pitch that you use to drive traffic to your Sell page should reflect your honest intentions. You intend to sell homes. The page itself says "Find Your Home's Value Instantly!" How does one get from point A to point C? Point B would state something along the lines of: "The first step you should take to getting the top dollar for your home is education. Use my tool to find the value of your home according to a computer, and then tell me if you think the value it found was too high or too low."

Where & How

The Sell page is easily accessible on your kvCORE website by clicking on 'Sell' at the top. You can and should refer people to your Sell page in email signatures or your default text code response. Having a spiel to direct people to find the value of their home in your voicemail is a good idea too. "I'm not available right now but you can access my mobile office 24/7 at (website) and can even get the value of your current home from it." 

Once on the Sell page, the field in which to enter an address is front and center (1), along with a small preview of the download the user will receive if they complete the valuation (2).

The user begins by typing in an address and then picks from the list of suggestions (1) the address that the internet understands in the list provided by Google. After selecting the correct address, they then click 'Get Estimate' (2).

After clicking 'Get Estimate' the user is presented with a form to fill in their info to get access to the report.

A Note To Our Canadian Siblings!

Due to the unique way that we are allowed to access data across the border, a slightly different method is employed in the actual delivery of valuations for Canadian addresses. We cannot provide an automated CMA as such, but a message will display after their information is entered that reads:

"Thanks for reaching out about {address}. While there are many automated tools designed to approximate a home's value, the most accurate valuation will be achieved by an in-person assessment. We'll/I'll reach out to set up a time to talk about your home!”

Side Note for Unit Number: If you wish to capture leads with their listings Unit Number head over to your Web & IDX settings, from here access the section called "Ask Unit" and set the toggle to "Yes" and save the option. Once this takes place sellers will be able to add a unit to the valuation.

2-Stage Capture

Now, immediately at this point, regardless of if the user continues, we first obtain the address that was entered into the 'Sell' page and generate a new address-only lead for you.

It's labeled appropriately as a valuation in your activity stream.

If you open this address-only contact, it will contain only the information it saw before that person left (if they chose to not continue) which includes a placeholder email address that is not valid.

  1. The contact is an address, and labeled as a 'Prospect.'

  2. Placeholder Email Address (not-functional).

  3. Even if the information is available to run a valuation on the requested address it will not run if the client does not input their contact info.

Because this new lead is a Prospect, it leverages the status in kvCORE that indicates that there is some work to be done on this contact in order to convert them into a lead.

This is important to note because if you create a smart campaign to help you handle this you'll know that all new valuation attempts enter the system as prospects. 

Campaign Notes

There is a default smart campaign that you can leverage for these 'valuation attempts.'

Please note, however, that without contact information, many of the actions will have no effect. There is no email or phone number for the system to contact. That being said, it would actually be possible to use a webhook to send the address to a third-party mailing service to send a postcard or other type of snail mail instead. You could also insert tasks for yourself to do a valuation door knock, or to drop off a thank-you package depending on your market conditions. Some will go to extreme lengths to drop off care packages or branded goods along with a printed CMA and a thank you note. All of these things are good ideas, and you can leverage your smart campaigns to remind you or schedule these tasks out automatically.

Should the user continue to enter some contact information, the system will convert it into a New Lead or will update the lead that already exists in your SmartCRM if the email address already exists in your CRM.

There are three updates that occur on your contact details page.

First, the lead type gets 'Seller' added or set:

Secondly, a note shows the details of the valuation.

Thirdly, you can expand click 'Profile Details' on the main navigation for the contact:

And scroll down to the 'Valuation' section to review the details of the valuation at any time.

Finally, the 'address only lead will be replaced with the known contact elsewhere on your dashboard.

Advertising Methods

There are a few ways you can get your sell page in front of people in kvCORE. Here are the major funnels you could develop.

Landing Page - Use the 'Video View' Landing Page to direct people to your sell.php (squeeze) page. You pitch them with your bullet points and other information as per your branding and strategy, including a nice video, and put the sell page URL into the  'Video After URL' field. That will take them straight to the Sell page when they click the button.

Squeeze Page - You should use seller squeeze pages to organize and classify the Seller leads you are generating from your marketing efforts. All it does is provide the source and automatically hashtag those valuations that come through so that you can either compile your statistics in Business Analytics or run particular smart campaigns using a hashtag trigger, among other things.

Text Codes/Voicemail - Prompt people to text in for quick access to the valuation tool via their own text message request. It's VERY similar to the idea of using a landing page to pitch to them that they should take the first step of getting an auto-valuation, but instead of the medium being a landing page on the screen of a device, it's via print marketing like a flyer or even a business card.

Smart Campaigns - Prompt your Buyer leads to get a valuation of their home on your site. Use the same tactics that you would pitch via any marketing strategy -- that they should tell you if the value is high or low. There are many engaging approaches that you could leverage to your existing database in an email (or text) message like this. 

Have more questions? Please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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