Many third-party tools and services will require you to add information to your kvCORE website to prove you are the owner of it, or to track things like lead conversions, or to report to an advertising software of things like page views.

You can add these things to your kvCORE website in the website settings portion of kvCORE. To access the website settings hover over the Web & IDX tab and select 'Website Settings' from the dropdown.

Admins Please Note: If you are adding custom scripts or code onto your Office, Team, or another agent's website you'll need to find the correct domain in the dropdown menu from the main Web & IDX page.

Scrolling down on the website settings page, you will see the text area/boxes that you can paste code into.

The following sections are used to add code:

  • Custom Header - This is the HTML Header of your website. Typically you would need to place special scripts here, such as the Facebook tracking pixel.

  • Custom Body - This is the HTML Body of your website. This is visible when someone visits your page. Typically you would only use this for adding Google Tag Manager scripts. To customize your sites' homepage, you should follow our website customization guide.

  • Custom Footer - This is the HTML Footer of your website. It is technically within the body, but because it's at the bottom of the page, it's good for scripts that don't need to load as soon as the page loads. Whatever scripts you are trying to embed, will specify that you should put it at the bottom, the end, or at the footer of your website.

  • Conversion Code - This is a special usage area, that is triggered after a New Lead is captured on your website. Google conversion codes are typically entered here. This kind of conversion code usage does not rely on the URL to signal a New Lead is captured, but rather when a New Lead is captured, the content in this box is loaded to the page. Different conversion code methods will specify how they should be used. You will want to use the version that runs off of a script, not triggered by a URL change.

  • Chat Widget - The chat widget box specifically replaces the Facebook Messenger/Chat script that is built into your kvCORE site with the chat/messenger script that you paste here. Some chat program options include Intercom, Olark, or You can also choose to "Hide" the Chat Widget under the Template section in your website settings. You can also connect to either your personal or business Facebook chat.

  • Analytics - This field is for your Google Analytics ID. Do not add the Google Analytics script to your header, just enter your ID into this field.

These sections correspond to the different sections of your kvCORE website's code. The HTML Head, Body, and the last content section the Footer.

As you might expect, slipping up here would very likely result in breaking your kvCORE website. Should that happen after you paste something in, and you find your site is down or completely broken, don't panic! Just go back to your settings and delete what you put in there earlier.

The site may not catch up right away so give it a little while before contacting support. Our Support team can force the page to reload if necessary or if it's taking too long.

The instructions that you are given from let's say, Google, will typically specify that the script or tag should be placed in the Header, the Body, or at the end of the page in the Footer. Using these boxes you can paste whatever you need to.

If you choose to tackle any of these things yourself, please be very careful with what you are pasting in. Always make sure that what you are putting into your site is coming from a reputable source. Always check to make sure that the website you're on is secured with https and that the security certificate (Little green icon to the left of where you type in the website address) matches.

Additionally, be absolutely sure that when you copy something you don't leave a piece of it off! In general, HTML things have a very obvious start and end tag. For example, it will start with <script> and it will end with </script> (the difference is the slash in the 'closing' tag.) Leaving off any piece of it like a beginning or trailing > or < will cause it to break. When in doubt, please contact support and we will be glad to assist you!

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If you have any questions or need further assistance, please reach out to Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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