Your kvCORE website's recruiting page is built in. It's designed to be an end point from a landing page. Meaning, that it's a place for potential new recruits to send you their information. The information from the recruiting page is sent to the company administrator.

As an out of the box solution, it works perfectly well in its basic capacity. 

Page Location

To see the recruiting page, you can navigate to it by mousing-over the 'Agent' (Or 'Your Agent') menu at the top of your kvCORE website.

Page Content

Most of this page is not editable. There is information at the top, as well as a YouTube video that explains the advantage of using a system like kvCORE in your business model.

Below the video, is a form they can fill out to send.

  1. Built-In Form Section
  2. Custom Recruit Text

The custom recruit text you see below the form is editable. 

Where do the messages go?

You should make sure ALL entities like Teams, Offices and the Company profiles in kvCORE have email addresses. When any of those emails are missing, you may encounter issues. To access the profiles for any administrative entities, click on your main menu at the top right, and then click on Teams, or Offices for example. In the list of entities, click edit to the far right to view the profile and add an email address if one is not present. When visitors use the recruiting form, the inquiries go to the email address in the entity profile for the website they are on. 

Custom Recruit Text

To edit this section of the recruiting page:

1. Click on 'Web & IDX' in the left hand navigation.

2. Scroll down to the 'Recruit Text' section. You can fill in this field with plain text or HTML if you wish. Pretty much anything goes! In the screengrab below, you can see the formatting used for the example shown previously.

The text that shows in the menu on your kvCORE site is set to say 'We're Hiring' by default. You can change it to say something else if you prefer.

1. Click on Web & IDX in your left hand navigation.

2. Click on 'Custom Navigation' in the left menu.

3. Scroll down to the 'We're Hiring Label' option. You can change it using this field. Don't forget to click 'Save.'

If you want to remove the link altogether, scroll down a little further to the option to do so:

Custom Recruiting Pages

If you're feeling brave you may wish to create your own totally custom we're hiring page. This is possible as well.

First, you must create the page using the custom page tool: Add Custom Pages to your kvCORE site
You might be wondering how to get some kind of custom form onto your custom page that your new recruits can fill out to send you their information. There are different ways to try to do this. Embedding a Google Docs Form into an iframe on your custom page may be the simplest approach, though you may still require professional assistance.

Once you have your custom recruiting page, you'll need to locate it. Navigate to the 'Resources' page on your kvCORE website.

Then, find your custom page in the middle, and open it.

Now, after you are viewing your custom page, look at the URL. We're going to need the end part of the URL to this page. Everything after your domain is needed.

We select everything after the .com, including the immediate " / " in front of resources. Copy this part of the URL.

That's it! Now your custom page is linked up to the we're hiring link in your main navigation.

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