Note - New listings you add to the MLS are updated as fast as possible in kvCORE. Many MLS's will update within 30 minutes and the majority of MLS's will update every hour. If your listing has not updated in 24 hours you can check with support.

In order for kvCORE to know which listings specifically belong to you, you need to add your Agent MLS ID to kvCORE. This connects several things within kvCORE, such as adding your listings to your kvCORE website as well as your listings to the Listings section of the dashboard.
You can add your ID's to your Agent Profile in kvCORE following these steps:

1. Click on the main menu to access your profile.

2. On the profile page, click edit.

3. Add your ID's into the appropriate fields.

  • Your Agent MLS ID. Sometimes this can differ from the ID you use to sign into the MLS. That's because we use the specific Agent MLS ID's in the IDX feed to identify you. If your MLS ID does not pull your listings into kvCORE, and you have active listings posted on the MLS currently, please contact support to check out your ID as it may be different.

4. Be sure to click 'Save' after your ID is added. 

After your ID is added, your listings and the listings you are a Co-Agent on will be shown on your website within the 'My Listings' tab.

This is menu item is also where your manually added/exclusive listings or coming soon listings will show.

Please Note: If your listings are not showing on your kvCORE please make sure through your MLS that you have allowed the Listing(s) to be shared to the IDX, other methods would be to verify the Listing has been Shared to the Internet or the listing is Active.

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