How To Add Testimonals To Your kvCORE Site (Manually) 

  1. Click on Web&IDX Settings on your Dashboard
  2. Click on 'VIEW/EDIT' to the right of Testimonials.
  3. If you're an Admin, or have more than one kvCORE site, you can select on which site to view/add testimonials. Look for the selector at the upper right corner of the testimonials page.

This 'Scope' selector allows you to choose what testimonials appear on what website. (If you have access.)

4. If you're on the right website, click on 'Add Testimonial.'

5. Fill out the pop-up to add the testimonial to your site.

  • Name - Name of the client who wrote the testimonial.
  • Testimonial - Actual testimonial text.

Testimonials are displayed on your kvCORE Website in the Testimonials section.

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