Contacts Tab Features



  1. Add a new contact by clicking the + at the top right. All of the same rules for adding contacts to kvCORE apply as they normally would. Mainly, be sure you have a name, and a number or email address. And, be sure to specify that you have permission to contact them.

  2. You can filter out your contacts using some of the same filters found in your Smart CRM. You may also save filters you use frequently for easy access.

  3. List Views:My Contacts: All contacts you can access according to the current filter set above.By Status: Select from any kvCORE status. If you want to see a more refined list, use filters.Saved Filters: Any filters that you gave a name and saved will be accessible here.

  4. Search - Entering any known information into this field will filter out matching contacts within your current view. So, if your list is already filtered, you will be searching within that filtered list. Be sure to clear filters if you 

Add A New Contact 

In the mobile app, tap on 'Contacts' at the bottom.

Then, at the upper right corner of the screen, click on the '+' button.

On the following screen you can start adding the contact details.

Some of the fields you can specify:

  • Validate Data Switch - Switch on to validate this contact upon entry.

  • Lender - Begin typing a lender's name to select them from the list.

  • Email or Cellphone - Required to add a new contact.

  • Permission To Call/Text/Email - You must set this to 'yes' to state that you have permission to contact this person.

  • Smart Campaign - Begin typing the name of a smart campaign to choose it from the list.

  • CC Lender - Notify the lender you selected with the notes that you enter below.

Once you've entered a name, an email or cell number, and selected 'Yes' for permission to contact, you can tap on the green 'Save' button below, or 'Save & Add Another' to bring up the add a contact form again.



Filters can be used to limit the list of contacts to just the ones that match a set of attributes like a combination of hashtags, statuses, sources, or whether or not they have search alerts configured.

To access filters, tap on the filters button on the 'Contacts' page within the app.

If a filter is set, then the icon will turn green:

While a filter is set, you can see the filtered list by the main contacts list and also by status.

The 'My Contacts' tab will show you all contacts that match the filter criteria. The 'By Status' tab will show you the total number of filtered contacts in each status.

To clear or cancel filtering, tap on the filter button, and click on the green 'clear' button at the bottom of the page.


Saving Filters

In order to save a filter, you must specify a name, and click on 'Save' at the bottom.

Clicking 'Search' will not save the filter and instead, immediately filter your contacts.

Once a filter is saved, you can access it at any time, by tapping on the 'Saved Filters' tab, and choosing the filter you saved.

Contact Details



  1. Contact's name

  2. Contact's status

  3. Contact type and star rating

  4. Listing views, including last active (on your website) date

  5. Last dialer call

  6. Tabs for each list of data.Timeline - View your Contact's timeline events.Tasks - View and complete tasks and phone calls for this contact using the checkmark to the far right of each task/call.Profile - View additional profile details on this contact. You can edit their email, phone number, search alerts, smart campaigns, or hashtags.

  7. Use the checkboxes to complete tasks or calls. On the timeline, tap on texts to view text message history. Tap on listing views to see listing details.

  8. Add something to this contact, or send something to this contact. Available actions are:Call - Uses your phone's call feature (not the smart number.)Text from my Smart # - Send a text message to this contact via the smart number.Text from my Phone # - Use your cell phone's built in messaging app to send a text. You will need to give the kvCORE app texting permissions.EmailAdd NoteAdd TaskTransfer Lead

Note Pins

Notes may be pinned to contacts:

When tapped, the pin icon will change from grey to gold, indicating that it has been pinned at the top of the timeline. This allows you to make sure critical information is always visible when you open a contact.

You can also pin a note when you create it. Just flip the switch when creating your note:

Canned Responses

When texting or emailing using the kvCORE mobile app, you can select canned responses that you created previously on Click here for instructions.

Select the canned response by name from the drop down menu:

First, tap on the message icon at the bottom left:

Then, choose the desired message. Tap the green 'X' to cancel.

Market Reports

You can add or edit existing market reports for your contacts on their profile tab.

Tapping add to the right of market reports will bring up the interface to add or edit any new/existing reports.

Tapping 'Add Area' will bring up a simple interface to select an area, and an interval.

To choose an area, begin typing the area name, then select the appropriate option from the drop down menu.

For the interval, you can select 7, 14, 21, or 28 days. The report will be sent at that interval. So, if you select 7 days for example, you contact will get the report every 7 days.

After your options are selected, tap 'save' at the bottom.

Whenever a market report is added, or sent, you will see an update in your contact's timeline.


Search Alerts

You can view and edit search alerts for your contacts.


Tap on the profile tab of a contact, and tap edit or add to the right of 'Search Alerts.'



Search Alert Details

1. Tap 'Edit' on the upper right corner to edit the search alert criteria. You will have pretty much all of the same options apart from the map search area selection.

2. When viewing an Alert you can toggle on/off the alert status (red arrow below, this disables the alert or enables it.)


3. Beneath the status switch, you can view the alert results (red box below.) These are listings which match the criteria that the alert is setup with. The listings are all recently updated or added to the MLS within the past week, up to a maximum of 6 results. This is to just give you a general idea as to the "health" of the search criteria.


4. Scrolling down past the search alert results, you'll find the alert summary that allows you to view the criteria of the alert that is setup.


5. You can quickly email or text the recent results to your contact. If they ask you to re-send them any recent listings, they should be within the recent results list.


When selecting to send any results, you can choose to only send up to 6 recent results, or all results if needed.



Editing Search Alerts

When reviewing your search alert for the contact, you can also edit the criteria. Start by tapping on the edit icon on the upper right.


On this screen you can edit all of the criteria as well as save it using one of the green buttons at the bottom.


  • SAVE & NO SEND - Save the updated criteria, and let the system send the alert at the expected time. (Daily, Weekly, etc)

  • SAVE & SEND - Save the updated criteria, and send an alert immediately.

Special Alert Criteria

There is a specific tool within the search alert edit screen that allows you to configure very specific alert criteria. There are two places where you can set listing options. Standard criteria are in the options list, which we will cover below. If you are looking for a very specific MLS field/criteria, then you can use the "keywords" tool.



Keywords searches the MLS feed to find any matching fields that you know contain a specific setting. You can search to find the specific value you are looking for.


For example, you may be looking for a 'Geothermal' hot water source, per the demands of your client. To access this, you can search for the 'Geothermal' keyword. In this case, I know for this MLS that 'Geothermal' is a value under the field 'Hot Water.' When you are inputting a listing into the MLS, you typically select values from a specific field when filling out the details of the listing.


After selecting 'Geothermal' the field is automatically populated as well.


Standard Search Options

Apart from all of your basic price, area, type, sqft criteria, you have a standard options list that contains all of the commonly used criteria for easy access, as opposed to digging through keywords, it  may be faster and easier to just use a standard option where appropriate. Tap on the options space to look for a value.



This shows you a multi-select box for all of the different standard options. Simply check the ones you need. 








Keep in mind, often times selecting too many criteria will return no recent results! When editing an alert always make sure you are seeing recent results in the alert summary. Otherwise your lead won't get any updates, and may end up using another site or service instead of yours! (Recent results are the pictures of listings that are visible after looking at the alerts summary.)

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