If you plan on hosting any Open Houses, you can automatically feed all of the attendees from an electronic sign-in sheet right into your kvCORE dashboard using the kvCORE Open House App. Your list will feed into kvCORE as people sign in. If you have no internet connection, the next time you connect your tablet or mobile device to the internet and open the app. Just navigate to the open house in the app, and then the list of signups will sync to kvCORE. It's common practice these days to request that people sign-in before being allowed to tour the open house for security and insurance reasons. 

New leads generated from the app will have their status set to 'Prospect' in kvCORE.


How To Get The App

You can search for 'core open house' in the app store. Or, you can access it via the kvCORE app you have installed already.

First, open the menu on the top left.

Then, open the Open House option.

This will take you to the app store where you may install it.

You may also use these links to download and install it:



How To Use The App

1. Begin by signing in with your kvCORE account after installing and opening the app.

2. Enter the MLS number or address of the listing you're hosting an open house for and tap the 'Start' button.

3. You will be prompted to verify the home found by the app is the correct one. Tap 'Confirm' to continue.

4. You'll now go through a wizard to setup what kinds of information or questions you want each attendee to fill in. Simply enable or disable them and click 'Next' at the bottom.

5. Next, you will be prompted to configure what listing information you want to display on the sign in sheet. Here you can select from any image of the property that's in the MLS, and toggle on or off the major data points for the property.

Note: If you add the question of "do you have an agent" to the open house

questions and the contact signifies yes, the contact will still flow into kvCORE but it will come in as Unsubscribed and not receive any automated communication from kvCORE.

6. Now we can set our hashtags. These hashtags are assigned to the attendees that are added as new leads to kvCORE. There is already a default hashtag that has the format 'openhouseMLSNUMBER' to ensure that you know the actual source of the lead. You can add additional hashtags below by typing into the field and tapping 'add another' as needed.

Tap 'Preview & Launch' at the bottom to continue.

7. Now, you must create a PIN. This pin protects your access to the app while the open house is running. In order to exit the sign-in sheet you must have the pin. You'll be prompted to enter a pin and re-confirm it to continue.

As soon as you're done entering the pin and confirming it a second time you will launch the sign in sheet by tapping the 'Launch' button.

Whenever someone enters their information and taps 'Submit' they get a thank you screen with your photo on it.  It will continue to loop until you tap the 'exit' button on the upper right, where you will need to enter your pin to exit.

Sync Your List

If you're operating on a device that has no internet access, you can manually sync all your sign-ups once you re-connect it to the internet.

First, open the app, and find your open house in the list. Then tap on it to open it.

Once it loads, the app will sync the sign-ups to kvCORE. The sync status is indicated in the list above, and also when reviewing your sign ups after opening the past open house:

Watch this short video on how it works!

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