The mobile app is designed for Agents on the go. With it you can manage and handle your daily goings-on in kvCORE without needing to log into your computer. All of the tasks and calls that you schedule or that your Smart Campaigns schedule are manageable from the app, as well as some other essential tasks like mass texting or emailing! The app will also notify you of important events including new leads that you can accept from your companies/offices/teams rotation.

What You Can Do In The App

Push Notifications

  • Enable or disable notifications

  • Accepting new lead notifications


  • Conversation style messages & Activity Stream


  • Add new Contacts

  • View contacts by status (New Lead, Active Lead, Closed, etc.)

  • Add notes to contacts

  • Manage contact hashtags

  • Create tasks for contacts

  • Call contact with dialer

  • Send text from smart number OR cell number

  • Email contact

  • Mass text/email 250 contacts at once

  • View & edit existing search alerts

  • Transfer contacts

  • Configure Search Alerts


  • Use the dialer to handle today's scheduled calls, and calls from system generated lists

  • Use the dialer to call specific lists of contacts by hashtag


  • Mark Tasks as complete.

  • Tap on tasks to expand them to see the full text/description.

Manage Listings

  • Search for listings

  • Copy listing links

  • Send via email or text


Mobile App Quick Tour

Navigate to each section using the main menu options along the bottom:



- Logout when you need to by using the menu option on the upper left:



- While on the Contacts tab, you can add new contacts, or while on the Tasks tab, you can add new tasks with the 'add' button on the top right.


  1. Access the mobile help desk from within your app to chat with the support team

  2. Links to the Open House App.

  3. Access push notification settings.

  4. Access the mobile kvCORE website if you need to use a feature you cannot find in the app. It will automatically log you into kvCORE, and when you're ready to return to the app, simply tap on the large "BACK TO APP" link at the top of the screen.

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