Please Note: Using the Craiglist auto poster requires you to download the Google Chrome web browser and an extension.

1. Download  Google Chrome.

2. If you have Chrome installed, download the kvCORE extension for Chrome. Just click the 'Add to Chrome' button to begin:

You will see a message popup, click the 'Add extension' button

Then a confirmation appears:

Set your Craigslist URL

Be sure to install the extension first using the above instructions!

Click on the kvCORE Chrome Extension at the top right of Chrome, and click the 'Set Url' button.

Click on the purple circles until you reach the local Craigslist that you want your poster to be set to. 

If you see a + character in the purple circle, it means there are sub-sections within that general area that you can drill down to. Click it to zoom in and expand your options.

When you get to the lowest level, a popup will appear with the area name. If it's correct, click on the blue name.

After clicking the name, you will see a notification at the upper right that the area has been successfully set.

You can change your area again if you need to, just click on the extension once more, and click 'Set Url' again. Or, you can default your extension to the area set by your Office Admin.

How to Post

When posting listings, many users like to create custom text codes for their specific listings, in order to have the system automatically send new text leads information about the property they are viewing. This is done by entering an MLS number when setting up a custom text code.

Open a listing. To quickly access your listings, hover over the 'Listings' tab from the main navigation and select 'My Listings'.

You must have your correct Agent MLS ID entered into your profile in kvCORE for your listings to be detected by the system. Please contact support if you have an ID entered and it's not working. Please provide one of your listing ID's to Support in order to cross-reference the information and find your actual ID.

 Click on one of your listings (or any listing) address to access the listing details.


On the details page, click on the 'More Actions' dropdown on the top right to access the 'Post to Craigslist' option.

After clicking this link, kvCORE will automatically begin setting up your post. Remove your hands from the keyboard/mouse and wait for the process to finish. Depending on your internet connection, for example, some parts may seem slow such as the image upload process. Please wait for the process to finish to the publish page.


Simply click 'Publish' if it looks good to you, or go ahead and edit what you need to. We recommend using a custom text code in your post to provide a call to action that is specific to the listing in order to capture text leads!


If you set a custom text code for this listing previously, click 'Edit Post' and swap out the code in the description, then publish.

New Feature: Listing Types and Choosing a Category for Rentals

With the kvCORE Craisglist Ad-on, you now have the ability to promote Rental Properties and apartments by selecting the category. If the Listing is listed as active on the MLS then you should be able to post it like any other property.

If it is a sold or an off-market property that you are looking to post to craigslist as a Rental you will need to make the selection when the post prompts you to.

Disclaimer: In some locations, Craigslist does require payment in order to post a listing, please see the example and be aware that posting to craigslist does could come at a cost.

Beware of scams!

It's a good idea to direct new leads how you want them to get more information. Doing this with text codes is a pretty good idea. But be sure not to open any links or follow instructions from any messages you receive! People who are wanting to browse properties WILL become leads on your site. For more information, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am getting a message on Chrome that kvCORE is disabled? Is this a scam? What do I do?

When updates are made to the Craigslist poster extension sometimes it will ask kvCORE users to enable permissions and indicates that kvCORE is disabled. You can accept permissions when that happens! kvCORE is NOT fully disabled, the extension has just been updated.

I posted a listing from kvCORE on Craigslist, but now I have to edit or delete it. How do I do this?

When you post on Craigslist from kvCORE you should receive an email from Craigslist. There will be a link to edit or delete your post made through kvCORE.

You can click the link to edit or delete the ad which will take you to craigslist to make changes as necessary.

If you no longer have access to the email from Craigslist you can activate a Craigslist account using your kvCORE email. You can then manage the ad as you wish from Craigslist. For more information, click here.

Have more questions? Please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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