Each Agent, Team and Office kvCORE website can have a "Finance" page. This is kind of a profile page for the Lender(s) with whom you are working. 

(Generally speaking, all of this content regarding the Lender is pulled from their profile in kvCORE. When a Lender logs in, they can edit their profile in the same way an Agent can.)

  1. The 'Finance' tab which will lead to an individual lender page such as this one, or a stacked lender display page in the case where more than one Lender exist (such as on an Office site.) The order of the Lenders displayed is randomized by the system and may not be changed.
  2. The Lender's Company Name
  3. The Lender's "About Me" content. This content may contain HTML if the Lender wishes.
  4. Lender's Name
  5. Lender's License Number (They must enter it as they want it to display. For example, if they want the format "NMLS#XXXXXX" they must enter "NMLS#" before their id in the field.
  6. Lender's Phone Number that they've chosen to display on their website.
  7. Lender's 'Pre-Approval' link
  8. Default 'Ask A Question' form. This will be emailed to the Lender if filled out.

So, in looking at the above, the content of this Finance page is really customized by the content of the Lender's profile. Apart from the 'About Me' section, the page itself cannot be changed too much.

You can control whether or not the Finance tab shows on any kvCORE website, or you can choose whether or not to show any specific Lenders on an Agent's kvCORE site. 

To Hide The Finance Tab

  1. Click on Web & IDX on the left hand navigation:

2.  Click to Edit website settings.

3. Click 'Custom Navigation' from the left hand menu.

4. Scroll down to the 'Hide Finance Tab' setting and set it to 'Yes.' Then click save.

To Hide An Individual Lender From An Agent Website

1. Navigate to Your Agent Profile, and click edit.

(Admins may click edit directly from the Agent Roster or Office/Team Roster.)

2. Find the Lender field, and un-check the option that says 'Show On Agent Subdomain.'

Be sure to click save!

Since on an Agent Subdomain there is only one Lender, having zero lenders to display means that the finance tab gets removed completely as a result. Regardless of the Custom Navigation setting.

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