What Does 'Trickle Down' mean?

In kvCORE, websites can be managed individually for each Agent, Team, and Office.

This means that each entity (Agent, Team or Office) can have their own roster settings, their own blogs, testimonials and other content.

As long as website settings remain untouched at the Agent level, they will always inherit the settings of the Office site.

In other words, your website settings are automatically updated by your Office Admin, unless you customize them yourself. If you choose to customize them yourself, your settings will remain permanently set until you change them again.

The trickle down only effects the settings you do not touch. There is a separate save button for each setting.

What settings are you referring to, exactly?

  1. Click on 'Web & IDX'
  2. Click 'Edit Website Settings'

The settings on this page control the more technical aspects of your kvCORE site. Where you are unsure of what the setting means, look for the blue '?' icon to the right of each setting and mouse-over it.

Unless directed, you will probably leave your technical settings in place, unless you are looking to change some specific functionality of your site. Please reach out to us with questions on what you would like to change, and we'll be able to help you change it.

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