In kvCORE you can access 'SEO Area Pages' that allow you to add your own unique content to the different area pages on your kvCORE website.

The area pages show at the bottom of your site in the footer:

Clicking on any of these areas displays a statistical page full of relevant information. With this feature, you can fill in even more information to make the page unique and relevant depending on your goals.

In general, to accomplish that you can attempt to use a basic SEO technique to specify "keywords" for the page and then fill in content that is relevant to those keywords in a contextual sense. What that means exactly is that if you put a set of keywords separated by commas, those keywords should be relevant to the text on that page. If you list the keywords as such, and then you simply list your keywords again on the page, that will not accomplish anything. You would have to write a paragraph or two, or three of content that is related to the keywords that you list.

How to Access & Edit SEO Area Pages

First hover over the Web & IDX tab and select 'Website Content'.

Then select 'Service Areas and SEO'.

Your list may be empty, so you'll want to populate it with areas from your MLS that you can then customize. You can add individual areas or add all cities in your MLS.

Once you have areas on your list, you can start customizing with keywords and pag text.

Keywords: These are the meta tag keywords that you want to be embedded into the page. For more information on meta tag keywords click here.

Page Text: This is the content that will appear on the area page. You get to the area page by clicking on the area name at the bottom of your kvCORE site. This page has all kinds of data and statistics in it already from the MLS. The content you add shows at the top of the page. Since you can embed HTML into this field, you can add almost anything you want. A good example of this would be to give a driving tour of an area or city from your car, upload it to YouTube, and then embed it into this page!

Display Text: If necessary, you may need to change the name of the city or area on your actual kvCORE website within the 'Areas We Cover' section. This field allows you to do that, typically to correct syntax or spelling errors from the MLS. Here you can see that 'Accord' was the original name, and it was changed to 'D'Accord.'
(D'accord is French for 'agreed' or 'all right')

Now the area pages that you may want to send to people can have your own flavor in them too!

Have more questions? Please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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