Please note - all website settings 'trickle down.'

Please Note
It is in your overall best interest to leave this toggled 'No' (though ultimately it is your decision.) On the surface it seems like an interesting idea to require potential new leads to enter a phone number. However, it will:

  • Reduce the number of real phone numbers provided by new leads.The new lead registration prompts them to use their real number separately. This has been very successful overall on its own in getting real numbers.
  • Reduce the number of new leads you generate by a significant amount (more than 50% on average.) In the age of privacy issues many are very leery of being required to enter information into an un-trusted source.

Our general guidelines are, that there are many ways in which you can get someone's phone number after you capture new leads and provide value to them in the form of market reports, search alerts, etc. So, it's best to hook someone into your kvCORE website, and then convince them afterwards to either call you or offer to text them information such as your mobile app if they shoot a text over to you.

Setting 'Mandate Phone' to 'Yes' will require new lead registrations to provide a phone number when registering.

It applies to registering on the front end of the kvCORE site:

As well as on Landing Pages:

Be sure to click save right after you change the setting.

Clicking the 'Use Parent' button will revert the setting to whatever your Team or Office site uses.

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