Please note - all website settings 'trickle down.'

There are various places on your kvCORE website where contacts or potential leads can click on links that bring them to your app.php page. This page is the primary way by which they download Millions Mapped. What is Millions Mapped? Click here.

This toggle option in the general web & IDX settings for your kvCORE website allows you to hide all of those links and shortcuts. It also disables access to the app.php page. 

Some MLSes do not allow Millions Mapped to service their data at all. In these cases, all Millions Mapped links and pages are hidden regardless of this setting.

The pages that links to Millions Mapped exists on:

  • Property detail pages, bottom right.
  • Property detail pages, right above the google map.
  • Resources page, right hand column below search options.

Example, on the property details page bottom right:

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