'Hide Resources Page' is a setting located in the 'General' section of web & IDX settings. It specifically hides the resources tab from the main navigation at the top of a kvCORE website.

Please note - all website settings 'trickle down.'

When you add custom pages to your kvCORE website, they are added to a kind of 'Master Directory' of custom pages called 'Resources.'

Depending on your website customization ideas, or branding, you may not want to show the resources tab at all. Setting this option to 'Yes' will remove it from your kvCORE website. Your custom pages will still be accessible as direct links. The custom pages or navigation items that you added will remain as well.

Be sure to click save right after you change the setting.

Clicking the 'Use Parent' button will revert the setting to whatever your Team or Office site uses.

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