Chances are, you have purchased website domains that are your name or team name dot com, maybe a town-name-search, or a pithy yet hilarious description of the beach. And, of course they may be somewhat stowed away. Being preserved for future generations of website URL collectors no doubt.

With the vanity domain add-on for kvCORE you can put one of them to work and have your kvCORE website live on it! In many cases Agents end up with very long subdomains (long names), and they might have a short and sweet domain that would be better utilized instead on business cards and other marketing or media especially where space and attention are limited.

It's actually very simple. It's a subscription based service that you pay an additional monthly fee for, and we'll even offer to set it up for you at no additional cost, provided you have already purchased the domain. 

Why does this have an associated cost? Shouldn't we just be able to do a domain redirect on your end? Normally, yes that would be the case.

However, there are a few associated costs and management issues:

  • Fees paid to cloudflare for DNS hosting.

  • Fees paid for SSL certificates to ensure your kvCORE website can deliver secure webpages.

  • Fees paid for domain validation.

While the vanity domain looks simple on the surface (as it should) behind the scenes we're managing the DNS related features that make your website safe and secure.

How To Purchase

Begin by navigating to the marketplace in your left hand navigation.

In the 'Websites' category of the marketplace, click on 'Get This' in the 'Add Vanity Domain' tile.

On the tile that pops up, click 'Add To kvCORE' on the upper right.


The Technicals

We will generate the nameservers required for your custom via Cloudflare DNS Services. When purchasing a vanity domain, you can opt for us to update your nameservers (you'll need to provide a working login for your domain registrar) or you can opt to perform the task yourself. However, should you choose to input your own nameservers, you may experience website downtime. Once we swap over your domain configuration, your subdomain will no longer be active. There is no additional configuration that takes place aside from setting the primary and secondary nameservers on your domain.

As such, you may use any additional domain-level products such as SSL Certificates or Firewalls which do not require a nameserver change.  

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