Currently, you can connect Skyslope to kvCORE, and the system will display all of your Transactions within the Transactions tab in the Dashboard:

Some essential details to know:

Note: Only Company Admins are able to connect Skyslope to kvCORE. No Agents, Team admins, or Office Admins can connect Skyslope correctly.

  • Skyslope may only be connected by a Company Admin. This will connect all transactions at that level, and the Admin will be able to view them from one location.
  • After Skyslope is connected, Agents will be able to see the transactions which they are connected to. kvCORE does this by cross-referencing the Agent's email address.

How to Connect Skyslope

1. Visit the Marketplace

2. Click on 'Get This' on the Skyslope tile. This will open a popup with a button to add it to kvCORE.

If you already have a Skyslope account, there will be no additional cost as you already subscribe to their services.

3. After clicking Add, sign in to Skyslope. You must be a Skyslope Administrator.

That's it! Skyslope is connected after you sign into your account.\

Seeing Transactions in kvCORE

On the transactions tab, you should be seeing all the loops you are connected to as an Agent. As an Admin you should see all the loops for your Agency. kvCORE finds contact info by email address to associate it in different ways.

You can associate a transaction with a specific Agent, Contact, or Lender. 

1. Select the transaction from the list

2. Use one of the buttons at the top to search for and connect the transaction with that person:

When the search box pops up, begin typing a name to search.

Final Tip:

  • Clicking on a Transaction name or Transaction Number within the transaction tab does not bring you into the transaction, this only highlights an overview from the transactions tab.

Can I disconnect Skyslope after it's been setup?

Yes, but we will need to do it for you. Please contact us at Support to do so.

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