Connecting with kvCORE provides a very simple link between the two platforms. Basically, it creates an account for you on the website using your kvCORE email address. Then, if you use any of the tools, the contacts you capture or upload will be saved to your account.

Ideally, should be used for bulk postcard marketing. Any and all farming is most effective with pertinent postcards that provide relevant call to action prompts to recipients. For example, a note regarding the value of a property, or notifications for properties just listed or just sold.

These farming options are serviced with cost-effective bulk mailing options that allow you to cast a wide net. They also are not restricted to your kvCORE database! You can set your marketing area and Thanks.iowill automatically send postcards to all of the possible recipients within a radius that you select.

There are many powerful options regarding the different kind of marketing you can accomplish with In fact, we have a training course dedicated to it, that will walk you through the various options.

Even if you are not purchasing right now, we recommend you review the learning material to explore the possibilities, and maybe they will even give you some new ideas for your own marketing plans! Click Here to see the course.

Under The Hood

There only thing that happens when you add to kvCORE, is the creation of your email address in the database. Nothing else happens automatically.

However, there are a few basic ways that postcards may be triggered and sent with data from kvCORE. And, there are many other ways to develop your own postcard campaigns on the website itself. 

  1. You can install a special script, provided by onto your kvCORE website. This will prompt your website's visitors to share their location. If they agree, then will capture their physical location and send them a postcard.

  2. You can export your contacts (that have addresses in their profile) and import them into to mass-send postcards.

  3. You can use webhooks in your smart campaigns to send postcards via where you know that you have an address (like, seller leads.)

Please check out our training course on to learn more about these methods!

How To Add Your Email To

First, navigate to the kvCORE Marketplace from the main navigation on the left-hand side. Then, find the tile and select 'Learn More'.

In the popup that shows, click the 'Add to kvCORE' button at the top right.

This creates your account and links to a landing page where you can get started!

If you have any further questions, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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