This add-on in the kvCORE marketplace allows you to purchase an additional website for your kvCORE account. Depending on your goals you may be interested in separating out your traffic for a different market through a separate website.

For example, you might want to use a separate google adwords + analytics account for a site that is managed by a third party. If you were purchasing google leads from the kvCORE marketplace, you would not be able to do your own specialized or experimental marketing via google on the same URL. Google forbids using two separate accounts to advertise the same site. So, it would be worth it in that case to continue to take advantage of the lead capture tools of your kvCORE site, to reach different audiences on your own.


  • All of the automatic communications from your kvCORE system will reference your original kvCORE website URL. For example, this means that search alerts sent out to leads captured from either of your websites will link back to your original site.

  • If you have access to multiple MLSes, some of the MLSes may be removed from your additional website but they must all be installed on your original kvCORE website.

  • kvCORE functions such as your Smart Number will always apply to both sites. So, you cannot have two different smart numbers for example.

  • All of your major website properties such as the logo, office address, etc. are inherited from your office's website, just like your original site inherits them.

  • You can purchase an additional site using a new subdomain, or you can use a custom vanity domain of your choosing for an extra monthly fee.

How To Purchase

First, access the Marketplace from your left hand navigation.

Click on the 'Get This' button in the 'Agent Templated Website' tile within the 'Website' category of the marketplace.

Click 'Add To kvCORE' on the upper right of the popup.

You will then be brought to an online form.

On this form we require your Broker of Record info so that we can verify your MLS subscriptions and other required paperwork for allowing MLS data to be fed to your new site. There may be additional forms to fill out depending on your state, and we will contact you if necessary. If you want to add additional MLS feeds to your new domain, they would also have to be added to your original domain which will require your Broker's approval.

At this time you will also choose your 'subdomain.' When you first setup or log into kvCORE you already have a website that uses your personal subdomain. When purchasing an additional site, you can choose another subdomain for it. It could be something like a state, or an area, or have the word 'marketing' in it, whatever you prefer. Depending on your state or local laws, you might not be able to use some words in your domain such as 'MLS' or 'Agent' so please research beforehand by deferring to your Broker if there are any considerations.

A custom 'vanity' domain may also be chosen as an alternative. This is a domain that you purchased yourself that you retain control over. The nameservers for the domain will point to kvCORE, but you can install additional features like domain level firewalls or domain level certificates if you want to.

After completing the form Inside Real Estate will contact you when the new website is live, usually within a few days.

How To Manage Your New Site

Once your new site is live, you control it just the same as you control your site now. 

Although you could go to the Websites control panel, it would be best to use the Web & IDX option in your left hand navigation, so you can always get to your website content or website settings at the same time.

Start by opening 'Web & IDX' in your left hand navigation.

Once you're on the Web & IDX control panel, look to the upper right. This is where you can choose which website to work on.

This will update your page instantly. In fact, on any page where you are adding content or changing a setting, or creating something like a squeeze page, you will always select which website to work within.

If you want to make any in-depth changes to your site such as removing an MLS, please contact us at support! Please note that while we are happy to assist with many things, some items are required, such as Brokerage logos and office information. 

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