This tool is a great way to get new leads automatically into kvCORE from other places.

What is the Lead Dropbox / What are Lead Imports?

You can usually buy Real Estate Leads from places like, Zillow, or Facebook. Essentially, any third party that sells Real Estate Leads can have those leads put directly into your kvCORE database.

When one of these third parties emails you a new lead, that email contains the lead's information. It usually tells you the Name, Email, Phone, etc. of the new lead.

By forwarding that email to a special email address for your kvCORE account, the system will "read" the email and copy all the information into a new lead in kvCORE! This eliminates the need for you to manually enter the leads you purchased elsewhere.

In cases such as Gmail or Outlook, you can actually have those emails automatically forwarded to kvCORE for you, so you don't need to do it yourself.

The lead dropbox can do one of two things

  1. Receives an email related to or from one of the sources listed below.

  2. Receives an email with an attached CSV file that will automatically import the contacts within the CSV file into your kvCORE database.

There are strict rules on how these functions work, which are outlined below.

How to access Lead Dropbox

Click Here to go to the Lead Dropbox, or follow the instructions below.

Click on 'Lead Engine' on the left hand side of your dashboard. Then, select 'Lead Dropbox' on the top right.

On the following page, your available sources are separated into different primary funnels (depending on your Admin access level).

Office - New Leads sent to these resources will be sent to your Office Lead Routing.

Team - New Leads sent to these resources will be sent to your Team Lead Routing.

Personal - New Leads sent to these resources will be sent directly to your personal database.

Import Email

Email imports are a way for leads to automatically funnel into kvCORE.

Normally, when you get a lead from somewhere, like, you get an email that tells you that you have a new lead.

As long as that email has the leads' contact info in it, it's possible to have that email forwarded to kvCORE dropbox email, and the lead will automatically be added to your Smart CRM. That way there is no need for you to type in all the contact information by hand.

Ideally, you would go to your settings (for example) and enter your import email, as the email to send new leads to.

In that situation, the new lead info is received by kvCORE immediately, then it will report to you in your inbox that the New Lead was successfully, or unsuccessfully imported.

To get started, you can copy your import email using the 'Copy' button to the right of the email address. Then, you can start forwarding emails to it.

There are multiple ways to import leads using the lead dropbox email. Here are some customer favorites!

Manual Email Import Template

Gmail Forward forward

CSV Dropbox Imports

Zillow Tech Connect

Auto Importing Emails

Auto importing means that the email is sent directly from the source to kvCORE without you having to manually click "forward" each time you get a new lead. This is done by either telling your email client (like Gmail) to automatically forward certain kinds of emails or by logging into your lead source (like and telling it to send leads directly to kvCORE.

Third-Party Lead Forward

Most third parties have options for you to have the leads that you purchased from them, sent to a specific email. In these cases, have your new leads sent directly to your import-agent email.

For Zillow and Trulia, do not use email imports. Use Zillow Tech Connect. Your Zillow Tech Connect ID is listed below the import email address.

Have more questions? Please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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