Administrators can specifically add resources to the kvCORE dashboard for all logged in users of their company, under the 'My Business' tab.

These resources include:

  1. Announcements - 6 Announcements may be embedded in the upper left corner of the dashboard that are visible upon login.


Embedded Video

You can feature a video for your business tab. Currently you can only post one video at a time.


1. Go to YouTube or Vimeo to copy the link to the video you want to post. You must have the video uploaded to either YouTube or Vimeo.

2. On the 'My Business' tab click add video.

3. Paste your video link and be sure to select the correct source. Then click 'Save.'

4. After it takes a few seconds to load (possibly longer) your video will be displayed. Use the Edit/Remove links in the upper right corner to modify the video.

Links consist of two sections.

  • Video - A single embedded video. (We cannot do a carousel of videos at this time) 
  • Company Cloud (Links)- Basic HTML Links to any resources (open in a new tab). This is also where your companies SSO logins will be located. 
  • Blog Feed - Embedded RSS feed, needs RSS feed url.Your companies integrated SSO Logins (configured during your account setup.)The custom links you add for the convenience of your users/Agents.

To manage the links that will show up in section 2, you can click the edit link.

After clicking Edit, to add links, click the 'Add Another Link' option below:

Link Controls

  1. Re-Arrange the order in which links are displayed by using the arrows.
  2. Enter the name of the link that will be displayed.
  3. Enter the URL of the link.
  4. Display In Quick Actions refers to whether or not you want your users/Agents to be able to access the link from 'Quick Actions' without having to click on the 'My Business' tab.
  5. You can delete links by clicking on the 'x'
  6. Be sure to click 'Save' when you are done.

Blog Feed

The blog feed feature allows you to bring in any RSS Feed to embed it into your blog tab.

RSS? What?

Depending on what your specific goal is, you may need to get an RSS version of your blog built. Most blogging platforms have an RSS functionality built in by default. so it's simply a matter of finding the RSS icon (on your blog site) and clicking on it:

Normally, this will bring you to the nuts and bolts feed page, which will look like a mess:

This is actually an XML file, and that link you see at the top is the link we need to insert into kvCORE.

Here's an example of a real feed:

To Add A Blog Feed

First, in the blog section click 'Add Feed'

In the modal that pops up, paste your RSS Feed Link, and click 'Save.'

It will take a second to load, but provided your URL is correct, this is what will display:

(use the edit/delete links in the upper right corner to correct a mistake in your URL or to remove it altogether.)


6 Announcements may be displayed for your users/Agents at the top center of their dashboard when they log in.

Click the edit link on the upper right corner to open the modal to add/remove/edit any announcements.

  1. Enter the Title for your announcement.
  2. Enter the description of the announcement.
  3. Enter a link (if desired) that will also be displayed in the announcement.
  4. Delete announcements by clicking the 'x'
  5. Add additional announcements using the 'Add Announcement' link
  6. Always click 'Save' when you are done
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