In kvCORE, you can configure Lead Privacy, if your kvCORE account is configured to do so. The owner of your companies kvCORE account determines if privacy is enabled for it when it's being setup. In order for privacy to work, lead duplication must also be enabled.

If it is enabled, any Administrators above your access level to the system will not be able to see your leads' details or modify them in the system. 

(What an Admin sees when viewing a list that contains a private lead.)

They can see all of the basic information in the Smart CRM list, such as interest, price, beds, baths, status, owner, etc., however they will not be able to open the contact record, change any settings with it, rate it, call/text/email it. They only see that the "Name" is "Private Lead" followed by the Leads' ID in the system.

Team Lead Privacy

If you are a Team Administrator, you can enable or disable privacy for all Team leads by navigating to your Team Settings.

1. Navigate to Team Settings from the Main Menu at the upper right corner of the dashboard.

2. Click 'Edit' for your Team.

3. Check the box to 'Make Contacts Private.'

4. Click Save at the top!

Agent Lead Privacy

To make your leads private for all your personal contacts/leads:

1. Navigate to your profile.

2. Click on settings at the upper right side.

3. Flip the switch for Lead Privacy.


Turning off Privacy for specific contacts

If desired, you can disable privacy on specific contacts.

From the contact details screen, select 'More Actions' on the far right and select 'Make Contact Visible.'

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