The SMS opt-in requirement can be enforced on your kvCORE account at the company owner level, by request.  There have been an increasing amount of lawsuits targeting real estate organizations for violating the TCPA, which was passed in 1991. Arguments center around whether or not marketing texts using automated technology fall under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) restrictions.

To ensure TCPA compliance, kvCORE is creating a second layer of acceptance of terms & conditions for all non-kvCORE generated leads before sending any automated text communication.

To activate this new “Enforce Opt-In” account setting, admins must request support agent assistance.

Once Enforce Opt-In is activated, leads who have not explicitly accepted the terms & conditions will be unsubscribed from automated text messages. Agents can still send manual texts and other campaign communications (e.g. search alerts via email) through kvCORE’s Smart CRM, but the unsubscribed contact will not receive automated texts.

If the given lead has provided the agents written consent for automated marketing texts, the agent may proceed to sign up the lead for automated text communication.

That option is located in the Smart CRM, by selecting the contact(s) you wish to opt-in, and clicking 'More Actions,' then 'SMS Opt-In.'

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