The 'do not call' (DNC) list in kvCORE adds a flag to the contacts who use a phone number on the DNC list. This shows you if someone you are reviewing or about to call is on the list and allows you to take appropriate action to avoid auto-dialing from your Smart Number.

Please Note: This does not prevent you from calling the contact, it just notifies you that they are on the DNC list.

An Administrator (Company or Office) can compile and send a bulk import file of phone numbers for the DNC list to be added to a kvCORE account.  These Administrators can also add single phone numbers to the DNC list at any time.

To Find The DNC List

Open your main menu and click on the 'Phone' option.

On the numbers screen, click on 'Do Not Call List' on the left side.

The list has four columns:

  • Phone Number

  • Date Added To DNC List

  • Notes - Notes are only visible on this page.

  • Delete Button

Please Note: The notes on DNC numbers are not visible to non-admins.

How To Add Numbers To The DNC List

You can add numbers in a one-off fashion or you can them bulk imported.

Manual Entry

Click on the 'Add Number' button at the top right of the list.

Simply type in the number and/or a note. Then click 'Save'.

Bulk Upload

You must find out your 'Account Name' from support in order to send a bulk upload request.
Click on the 'Bulk Add Phone Numbers' button at the top right of the DNC list.

Follow the instructions in the pop-up. First, download the sample file. Then, paste all of your numbers and notes into it.

  1. Compose a new email message.

  2. Add your 'Account Name' you acquired from support into the SUBJECT of the email.

  3. Attach your modified DNC template file.

  4. Send.

DNC Flags In kvCORE

Pretty much everywhere you can see a phone number, or perform an action that involves a phone number will notify you if the number you are interacting with is on the DNC list.

For example, when calling via the dialer:

Or, in your calls list & on the lead details page:

The system does not stop you from sending out texts or making calls via the dialer to numbers on the DNC list, however, it's imperative that if you do notice the flag that you double-check what you are calling about or what you are sending out from the system.

For example, sending a text message to numbers on the DNC list:

Have more questions? Please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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