1. Log in to your CORE Listing Machine account. 

  2. Hold your mouse over the Marketing tab on the top bar, then click on "Agent Gallery" on the drop-down menu. 

   3. In the Agent Gallery, click on Gallery Setting at the top left. 

   4. Here you will have a few different options. You can choose a preset color template, or click on Custom to create your own. 

   5. When creating your own color scheme, click on Custom, then choose which colors you would like to change. For example, Change Background Color. 

   6. You can now choose any of the preset colors, or create a custom color. 

   7. Once you color has been chosen, click on choose, and then Save. 

   8. You will get a small screen that says: Are you sure you want to save color settings? Click on Save. 

   9. Your background will now be the color you have chosen. 

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