To build a custom flyer you will want to access your Print Center within your CORE Listing Machine account. From here you can choose styles, colors and media arrangement to customize your flyers to meet your unique needs!

  1. Log in to CORE Listing Machine.

  2. Click the View tab on the listing you want to build a postcard for.

3. On the top right, click on "Print Center".

4. At the top of the page, click on Postcards. 

5. You will have a Just Listed, and Just Sold flyer already auto-created for you.

6. If you would like to make any changes to your postcard, or create a new one entirely, click on Custom on the right.

Note: if you have already previously made edits to the postcard for your selected listing, it will say Edit rather than Custom. 

7. You may now choose a style you like by clicking on Choose Style. 

8. Once you do so, you will see a number of other options to choose from within that style. Choose one, and click Continue. 

9. In accordance with the image at the top of the screen, you can now choose which photo from your listing you would like to go in each position. 

10. The next step will give you the option to add or edit the text auto-filled from the information we currently have on your listing. 

11. Once you get to this step, your changes have been saved. Your postcard has been created, and you will then have the option to download the PDF, or print for immediate use. 

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