What is a QR Code?

A QR Code is a barcode that’s readable by a mobile phone's camera that contains a link to a website.

To follow the link: 

  1. Install a QR Code reader on your mobile phone

  2. Open the QR Code reader on your mobile phone

  3. Point the camera on your mobile phone at the QR Code. The QR Code reader app should automatically scan the code and open the corresponding website.

Most phones' cameras have a built-in QR reader now

Finding your QR Codes

You have access to two kinds of QR Codes: Agent QR Codes and Tour QR Codes

Agent QR Codes

  1. Log into CORE Listing Machine.

  2. Hover over the "Marketing" tab on the top bar, then select "QR Codes".

  3. Here you will find your Agent QR Codes: Your agent gallery, the company gallery, and the company mobile landing page, as well as any others that you've added.  

Tour QR Codes

1. Click on the View button of the listing you wish to access the QR code for.

2. Click on QR code on the bottom right of the listing details page.

3. There will be QR codes that have been generated automatically for Lead Generation, your Property Site, Mobile Landing Page, etc. You will also have the option to create a custom QR Code by pasting the URL into the section provided.

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